Your Maiden blasphemy


Yeah, like I’ve said a lot, there’s a difference between having “good” production and sounding good anyway.
True. And of course what sounds good is a subjective opinion.

But in my opinion, TXF sounds just right. The fact that it’s quieter and more dynamic than other Maiden records is not a sign of bad production.

EDIT: It’s a bit funny that AMOLAD, which wasn’t mastered at all, has so much less dynamics than TXF. Usually during mastering at least a certain amount of compression is added to squash the signal and make it louder. I love the way AMOLAD sounds as well, but it seems like everything was already at 11 with the recording and final mix.
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I get that we for whatever reason might like specific albums. I also get that we all have our own opinions about production and sound. However I don't get why we need to have so irrational talks about things that are self evident and even a child can understand.


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All of those three albums sound great. Maiden doesn't even have an album that doesn't sound good other than the debut.


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I'd say that TXF has pretty poor production but I listened to it through some new earphones yesterday and I didn't sound half as bad as usual nor that bad in general, so I think it all depends what youre listening through for that album


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Maiden have had one well-produced, amazing-sounding album since Martin Birch left and that is Brave New World. Everything else runs the gamut from muddy, to dull, to lacking any sonic dynamics at all. It's honestly more impressive when they record a brilliant song now because we can all still hear that song as being brilliant even through the muck.