Who are your Top 5 guitarists of all time


Ancient Mariner
Ok. My first post in this thread, but it won't be last as the tastes change. There will be quite a few honourable mentions.
Honourable mentions:
Janick Gers
Dave Murray
Brian May
Ritchie Blackmore
Jimmy Page
Nuno Bettencourt
Michael Schenker
Tony Iommi
Alex Lifeson
John Petrucci
Steve Vai
Paul Gilbert
Eddie Van Halen
Jimi Hendrix

5. David Gilmour
Incredible touch and feel. I just adore this guy's sense of melody in soloing and arpeggiated chords.

4. Jeff Beck
The chameleon. He can bring his guitar playing in every style of music and make it fit into it. He is one of the few that survived all the musical changes.

3. Joe Satriani
The king of melody. The song Revelation always brings tears in my eyes.

2. Adrian Smith
The eternal H. The man who can introduced me to guitar. Wasted Years riff was the first thing I learned to play.

1. Gary Moore
It's funny I stumbled uppon Gary by reading H's influences and checking them out. There is a live VHS called Live At Stockholm 87, which is for me still the essential live concert for a guitar player. When I saw it, it changed my life and taught me a lot about guitar playing.

Metal Warrior 330

Ancient Mariner
I'll have to do a couple of Top 10's

Metal Guitarists and Metal Related:

Tony Iommi
Adrian Smith
Randy Rhoades
Dave Murray
Janick Gers
Marty Friedman
Kerry King
Jeff Hanneman
Eddie Van Halen
Glenn Tipton

Honorable Mention:

Zakk Wylde
Ritchie Blackmore
Alex Lifeson
Dimebag Darrel
Alex Skolnick

Other Rock:

Steve Howe
Steve Hackett
David Gilmour
Tommy Shaw
James Young
Eric Clapton
Tom Scholz
George Harrison
John Lennon
Joe Walsh

Honorable Mention:

Trevor Rabin
Neil Young
John Fogerty
Bob Seger
Andy Summers

I have so many favorites so this was a hard one