Where have you been?

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I was born in Wisconsin and then moved to Minnesota when my mom and stepdad got married. While living in MN., we vacationed to Canada, South Dakota, and also went to Great America in Illinois.


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I was born in Wisconsin as well! My mom's from Milwaukee, but my dad is from Wellington, New Zealand!
I've been to:

New Zealand
Hawai'i (okay, it's a part of the US, but come on...)
Hong Kong
The UK
...I'd love to return to Germany and The UK especially, and to add France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Ireland to the list as well. Preferably whilst following Maiden around on tour ;)


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Places I've been to:
Tenerife (7 times)
Germany (5 times)
London (1 time)
Mallorca (1 time)
Gran Canaria (2 times)
Brussels (2 times)
Florida (2 times)
Denmark (20+ times)
Norway (1 time)


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I wanted to post this in the EU topic, but later I thought this could be better place(?)

According to a holiday review site:

Krakow best European city trip 2014

Utrecht (Zoover) – Krakow is the best European city trip in 2014. The Polish city received the highest consumer rating on holiday review site Zoover and hence wins the Zoover Award for best European city trip 2014. With an average score of 8.6 Krakow beats the Spanish city of Seville and Venice in Italy.
Zoover took into account more than 30,000 reviews of popular cities in Europe, looking at nightlife, culture, surroundings, atmosphere and quality of hotels. ... (more)

1. Krakow (PL)
2. Sevilla (ES)
3. Venice (IT)
4. Bruges (BE)
5. Rome (IT)
6. Vienna (AT)
7. Barcelona (ES)
8. Maastricht (NL)
9. Prague (CZ)
10. Berlin (DE)

Now I really like Cracow myself, although it might get a little too touristic perhaps. And the smog is really getting bad (too many cars; fortunately not in the old centre).
Every time I read this thread title (like when I go to check "New Posts"), I just read it as a straight question. Literally every time. I'm like, "Where have I been? I haven't been anywhere, man. I'm on the forum every day. Maybe just not posting all the time." :p


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^I was just thinking that. It's like your mother wagging her finger at you when you'd stayed out an hour too late.


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There are more places/ruins/castles we wanted to visit but in the end it didn't fit that well in our scheme. We'll be back someday. :)

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I have to travel more. Haven't even been to a whole lot of cities in my country let alone visiting other countries. Very cool pictures Foro.


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Just wondering in which countries everyone's been/lived:

I was in (in alphabetical order):

Canada (Quebec)
Czech Republic
Greece (Rhodes & Crete)
Vatican City

People who've been/lived in the USA and/or Canada, you could also mention the state(s)/province(s).
Since things can change in one an a half year, and since we have some now members around here, let's give this a bump.
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In Europe and not counting ex-Yugoslav countries I've been to Italy, Germany and The Netherlands (Amsterdam).

Italy (central/southern) is pretty similar to where I come from, while Germany and Amsterdam are totally another thing and I loved them both. Much of that time I've spent in Munich but I was also in Aachen for some brief amount of time and visited everything in-between. ICE is great!

Amsterdam's city center is just pure beauty and I want to live there when I grow up :)

I've also visited Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries but those were strict business trips and apart from business confidentiality involved I don't have any story with tourist value to share.