What is the most wanted piece of IM merch or release you want but can't get?


Ancient Mariner
First Ten Years box in vinyl (or CD but preferably vinyl
Soundhouse Tapes. Either original vinyl or the 1998 CD release that was limited to 666 copies.
Live at Donington on Vinyl, original pressing.
I have the FTY-sets on cd and lp, but never got the actual boxsets to store them.
I would like to have Donington on vinyl. Only recorded the original transmission from radio when it was live and then bought the 2cd-edition. For some reason I never bought it on vinyl back then.
Hope to see it getting a deserve re-release as the original is really fragile cover and plenty of used copies have ringwear. Perhaps it would be nice to get A Real Live One and A Real Dead One re-released aswell, the original are getting too high price.
About the Soundhouse Tapes, the limited 1998 release does have same inferior mastering (which was already on BOTB) and notable upgrade the absolutely best version is still the original 7". I have copy of that from my friend and it does sound the best.


Ancient Mariner
I haven't yet given any thought of what I would like to have in my collection..
I have somewhat wide collection but given what else I could have I've even lost count.
I still would like to own authentic original copy of The Soundhouse Tapes. That would be one item for me.
Remember when I preordered the Best Of The Beast 4lp-edition, the person from record store even phoned me and asked if I still wanna order it, as they didn't even know the price when I first put the order. Anyways, it's cool release to have in my collection.
There's probably too much interesting items out there, old figurines, promos, posters, rare merchandise and such..
If there would be some really unique item that doesn't exist in too many copies that would interest me too.


Educated Fool
Seventh tour of a seventh tour 1988 European leg tshirt. The gig in Athens was my first Maiden one, tshirt from that gig has a lot of sentimental value for me.


After the war?
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There’s a Canadian mounty Eddie shown for a moment before the solo in the Wasted Years video.

I looked all over Amazon and eBay but couldn’t find one.

It was used for the Canadian issue of the '98 remasters but then the RCMP complained and the CDs have become collectibles themselves now.
I would like to have the 'Rock In Rio' DVD of the band's show in 2001, but there is no new release from the band. I'm desperately trying to find it on many websites, but no sign of it nowhere, even already used. I bought the double VHS when it has been released, but I had to sell it to pay some bills some years ago...


Educated Fool
Only merch I would like is one of the footbal shirts.

I just like their music. I would love to have Eddie’s head, The first ten years box set and the Soundhouse tapes of course. Guess all of them are impossible to find


Ancient Mariner
Eddie's Head is no great shakes, plastic is real cheap, and the eyes break off easily. The cd's themselves are the worst pressings of the Maiden albums too.

The "in profile" CD is terrible, it's like something a dictatorship would bring out as a biography of their dear leader Steve Harris, and I say that as a total Steve fanboy.


Educated Fool
I already have all the 1998 remasters, and know about the small faults here and there:confused: so it’s not anything I really, really want


Ancient Marinade
I already have all the 1998 remasters, and know about the small faults here and there:confused: so it’s not anything I really, really want
Same. I still have those CDs. And now I’ve also got all the 2015-2017 album remasters on vinyl, as well as one copy of every single. And for those with multiple formats, I also did vinyl.

Another thing I want:
Edward the Great on vinyl. It’s gotta cool cover that didn’t really get used anywhere else.

Was Ed Hunter ever on vinyl?


Found in a lost world
I already have all the 1998 remasters, and know about the small faults here and there:confused: so it’s not anything I really, really want
I regret not buying the 2CD Castle discs they released a few years before the 1998 remasters.

Oh and this version of Best Of The Beast!

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