What guitar do you play?

jazz from hell

Ancient Mariner
Everybody seems to be talking about and praising Neural DSP nowadays. Have you guys tried their stuff? How does it sound compare to, say, TH-U (which is good IMO)? CPU, latency?


Last Son of The Miracle
Record-breaking temperatures today, so what did I do? Take an hour-long drive to a guitar store and buy an acoustic. :lol: The shop's moved to appointments-only and I booked it in last week, if I'd known what was coming I'd have left it.

But anyway, I bought myself a nice Cort acoustic, never owned a decent acoustic before. I sold my SG recently as it'd spent the best part of five months hanging on the wall not being played, I was gonna buy another electric (I had my eye on about four LTD's) but couldn't make a decision, I also figured I didn't really need another electric if I'd just sold one I wasn't playing.


Now to sit and look at her because it's far too hot to be playing. Good thing she's pretty. :wub:
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