What are your favorite / funniest / weirdest posts and threads on MaidenFans?


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As you scream into the web of silence...
Also, I'll take "Gollum vocals" over "Cookie-monster vocals" as the latter is such a boomer term.
Well, those are two different things. Cookie Monster vocals sound like the Cookie Monster. Gollum vocals sound like Gollum.

And people under 30 really need to stop calling everyone over 30 a “boomer”, since that’s just a sign of ignorance. The youngest boomers are already over 55 years old. And plenty of Gen-Xers who grew up on metal can’t stand the absurd extreme vocals that populate large branches of the metal family tree these days. (Yes, plenty of people like them too, but it’s not as if dislike of extreme vocals is some bizarre niche oddity among people who are younger than boomers.)
OK, boomer.


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Digging through some old threads, and I re-discovered this story, which is just so captivating!

Also, from the same thread:

Willcocks would make me pay,
Blaze would refuse to let me pay.
Dianno would make me pay, criticize my drink choices, grope the server, then pick a fight with the three hulking Slavs at the next table, making sure to include me in the brouhaha.

So Bruce, definitely Bruce.