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That's some serious love/hate relationship right there.
Actually, the whole post is one big "That escalated quickly" meme.

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As you scream into the web of silence...
This is already instant gold:

This is a more conspirationist analysis. If you don't know it, Iron Maiden components (or some of them) are part of the masonic cult, the best sign they gave to express this membership was a chess floor on the stage of their official video the trooper : https://youtu.be/X4bgXH3sJ2Q

All their music is full of masonic and satanic symbolism, if you know them you can clearly recognise them during their performances.

Following this premise let's try to give a meaning to Strange World:
The only place where you can dream,(the only way to realise your material aspirations, become famous musician, etc...)
Living here is not what it seems(If you are not part of the masonic cult, you'll go nowhere, no mainstream media support. Living here is not what it seems because we believe that to become famous you should just be very talented when in reality you have to fit a specific purpose in line with the Illuminati agenda in order for them to push you on top in front of the masses)
Ship of white, light in the sky,(David Ike supports the theory that the masonic cult of the Illuminati are working with aliens that live undercover here on our planet and control the power structure)
Nobody there to reason why(Inside Illuminati cult no one never question the authority and what's the reason for the agenda, the information is communicated using watertight compartments, everyone knows only what he need to know without seeing the big picture)
Here I am, I'm not really there,(He is not part of the cult yet, he's probably an adept waiting to be initiated if the hierarchy allow it)
Smiling faces ever so rare(When you enter the cult, people are less and lees driven by love but power)
Let's walk in deepest space(Here the author would like to get involved in the cult more deeply, the space is dark and cold like the moral and spiritual constitution of the cult)
Living here just isn't the place(Living as a normal person is not satisfying, the author wants more)
Girls drinking plasma wine. A look at love, a dream unfold. Living here you'll never grow old.(Members of the illuminati circle are famous for drinking tortured children blood containing adrenochrome and growth hormone to fell energised and keep the body young )
Don't you hear me call?(The author make a call to the illuminati hierarchy to let him get in and be part of the cult)

This song has a said atmosphere because the author know that in order to accomplish this initiation he will have to sell his soul and lose it's freedom and ability to Love. His heart will never be happy again.
You can understand this sadness by looking this interview of Bob Dylan (another member of the illuminati crew) while he admit he sold his soul to Satan :

So, listen their music if you like it (as I do) but be aware of the real situation in the music industry and enjoy metal/rock while avoid them to manipulate you with their messages.

Chers friends, I'm still a smiling face. :)

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He didn't have anything to say about the stalks of light coming from the ground ...

Disappointed. I really wanted to know what that meant :(

Black Abyss Babe

Quantum weather butterfly
How to recreate the Download experience in the comfort of your own home (with a bonus for Monty Python fans):
Fab idea! @Black Wizard - I'm going to flood my garden and watch it from there.
You have a garden? Posh twat!

I'll fill the bath with cold water, fill it with dirt from outside and watch it from there.
You have a bath? Posh twat!

I’ll be in the freezing muddy puddle outside, empty it from tadpoles and watch it from there.
And I'm not even mentioning that, in order to clean that puddle, I must get up out of my small shoebox in the middle of the road half an hour before going to bed.