What are your favorite / funniest / weirdest posts and threads on MaidenFans?

Black Abyss Babe

Ocean soul
I'm not actually bothered about the picture of Lars being a twit, it was the two pages of nonsense which followed (to which Cried was the main contributor, obviously) that I was so amused by. Maybe I've just got a very juvenile sense of humour :bigsmile:.


Automaton Sovietico
On topic of that shower willy picture, how come Harris is there, what's the occasion?


Bleeding Freak
Really? Why do they get angry about that?
Tbh I'm not sure, but everytime a photo pops up, even if it's from the official pages where they're all having a laugh and chilling, the Maiden fans throw an unholy torrent of abuse at Metallica and spout out all the standard rubbish. Annoying af really


Automaton Sovietico
Maiden and Metallica often visit each other on tour (to the infuriation of Maiden Facebook fans) so I simply assume it's one of those occasions
I'm quite aware of the friendship between two biggest metal bands ever. I just wanted to know specific occasion for the archival sake.