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I was at a pretty cool place tonight. Loads of beautiful Russian gals. The guy who kept eyeing me and gave me a pat on the butt as I left wasn’t that great, but what can you expect from a party that has LGBT in its title.

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Last time I was in a gay bar I was danced upon by a much older guy with a moustache and a string vest. I have no issue with being hit on (or with moustaches, for that matter) but he was the worst lookin guy in there and he was the only one who approached me. Quite frankly, I was insulted. I felt I deserved better.


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Last time I was in a gay bar I was danced upon by a much older guy with a moustache and a string vest. I have no issue with being hit on (or with moustaches, for that matter) but he was the worst lookin guy in there and he was the only one who approached me. Quite frankly, I was insulted. I felt I deserved better.
Most people would be thrilled to have been approached by Freddie Mercury in a bar...


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Dear sir and or madam. I am dictating this to my telephone at 18 minutes in the morning. I do not know how well this will turn out. Truly, I must say. At the end of every sentence. I tried to say the punctuation mark for ending a sentence in the middle of a sentence and it just ended a sentence. This is truly a travesty.

My dictation continues. I am quite intoxicated, and currently lying in bed. The ability of modern technology to decipher my drunken rambling is truly impressive. What a golden age of technology in which we live. Let me tell you something though, I am so happy for the friends I've made on this forum.

Maiden fans London was pretty much my favorite 4 days of all time. I can't think of 10 people I would have rather spent time with then the 10 people that were with this event with me. What an enjoyable time London was, what an amazing people were there.

I consider myself privileged to have finally met Forostar. To have finally met EW. And Ariana. And Briggs. That has one too many letter g's however I'm just far too drunk to correct it. And, of course, Black Wizard. Shadow, before he decided to disappear. And then of course there is my awesome friend Perun. My phone's dictation does not recognize that word so I had to try to type it like 5 times in order to make sure it showed up properly in this drunk and screed I don't know
Drunken screen screed. Jesus f****** Christ phone figure out my God damn rambling while I am intoxicated in Montrea okay. Okay anyway. Like literally one of my best friends of all time. I was so happy to finally see a maiden show with you. Truly a memory I will recall for the rest of my life.

But that may take away from the people I've met on this side of the pond. There is mr. Knickerbocker. And his intrepid brother. There is bear fan. There is corn fed heck who was so kind to share a hotel room with me. There is wasted the great who maybe is not around so much but remains a fantastic friend and one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. There is lamp-wick. Who is a fantastic dude. Everytime I see that him and mr. Knickerbocker have gone to a show together, it reminds me of the power of the form we share. We have a place here that has brought people together in love, in friendship, it has brought the other people from across the political spectrum, which is no mean feat in these days. It has brought together beautiful who are straight and gay, people from all over the world, and people who even don't like blaze so much. Those f******. For reference the asterix come from my dictation program on my phone, which has done a pretty good job so far of transcribing my drunken ramblings for you.
Anyway the point is that I would not be the same person that I am without maiden fans.com. I would not be who I am without cried complaint regarding list and our subsequent long long long sessions in private okay that came of the sessions I meant discussions discussions I'd oh my God program get your s*** together because you are not properly representing my voice right now. Okay long long long sessions and discussions with cried that repaired our relationship. Or the long discussions with Maverick back in the day. Also with SMX. Who sadly is no longer present, but it's always best no but no missed missed missed you f****** program pay attention what the f*** I'm slaying saying maybe I'm slurring my words of it a bit but f****** pick up the slack because that's why computers exist.
I guess the long and short of it is that I hope this website continues beyond the eponymous bad band. Maybe make it metal fans. Call or somethi it doesn't really matter as long as we have a place where we can complain about list and where we can make fun of Lars and Dave mustaine and post funny gifts and where we can just be friends.
I hope that over the coming years I can meet some of the people that I haven't yet had a chance to me meet. Like sorry sorry Zed are Zed are Zaire Zed are spell dairy zare there we go I have you as my had to use my I had to I had my fingers anyway I had to use my fingers and to get that name. Or Travis clear.. maybe leave Minnesota one time and come party with us. Or maybe some of the other people like colada no collateral k a l a t a. Who has been actually a fun member even when he is posting crazy amounts of emoticons. And then there's the new members like diesel who is just a kid but seems to be trying real f****** hard to fit in and I think it's great.

When I think of the people who have grown up on the site like Shadow and mosh and flash I really think that maybe we have something special here. I really think that we have a chance to make some lies better don't know alives make some life's better okay that's fine anyway. You can be hard being a fan of a piece of music pop culture and helping people find other who love the same piece of music. Love songs like how loud or maybe like evil that men do or maybe you know song like passchendaele or a song like sign of the cross or maybe a song like aces high or what about two minutes to midnight. Sometimes it can be hard to be somebody in love the band that isn't played on the radio and it feel like your music choices have social value. So I think that sometimes we do great things by offering people that social so I social value. By reminding them that it's okay to be different. That's okay to embrace things that maybe some other people don't like. That's okay to be who you are are.
One thing is for sure, iron maiden is part of who I am. But maiden fans is a greater part of who I am. I love this band but I love the people that I have met because of this band more. If I ever get a chance to say thank you to Bruce Steve what Dave or even nikka I am going to say thank you for giving me guidance and thank you for showing me the power of what music can be but thank you most for letting me find people who love the same things, love the same music, and who have become my best friends. Because the people I have met because of buying me iron maiden are among the best friends a guy could ever have.
I love you all.
Even Travis. Even the most annoying of you. Even the weirdest on you. I love everything about this band and I'm at the people who I've met who like of this band. Well maybe not the guy in Boston who wore the Barack Hussein Obama shirt, that guy scared me a little, but you know we made friends with him anyway, even if I Perunwas not necessarily a fan of making a friend of what was probably a gun-toting American. But hey. This is what we are here for. She would enjoy this band. To enjoy every single thing that it makes us feel. To enjoy the feeling of being part of the few, to understand what it is to be afraid when the lights go out, to really get what is like to play with madness, to be a phantom among successful people and want to strike them from the darkness, to be a Scotsman fighting against the English for freedom, to call for rain, to fight them all on this day we'll fight on longest day, June understand at the clock is too close to midnight only 2 minutes away, to know what is real future real, to know the number of the beast for its number is 666.I guess long and short of it is everyone here makes everyone else's life better her. Even 400 *. because you love the same things it's just want to see the same things happen and to be happy because they're happening.
I hope you all can get to a show next year. Come to Montreal and I will make sure you don't have to worry about money in terms of a place to stay or whatever just going to check it in a ticket to the show and then we'll be okay. I just love party with my friends I hope we get to do that this summer coming up. Okay I'm drunk and tired and now it's time for bed. Thank you for listening to me is a ramble at my phone's text to speech program. I suspect not much of this will make sense when you see it. Just remember I did get it all into a phone why line half drunk in bed.

GoodnightGood night mee meeting fans I hope that tomorrow brings a fantastic day!
Always yours, loose Cannon


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That post is fucking awesome.
I'm not sure I should post here tho, I'm wide awake and sipping coffee.