Twilight Zone

How good is Twilight Zone on a scale of 1-10?

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Weaker song on the album but still it's worth the listen.Some nice guitar parts and some insane vocals by Paul. 7/10


I find i voted a while back giving it a 5...  makes sense might have bumped it up to a 6 but no further... 'cant you see me?'


This one is firmly in the "meh" category for me. Paul's voice grates annoyingly throughout the song, balancing out the rather decent main riff. 5/10.
I probably like this song a lot more than it's overall quality deserves, so I find it hard to objectively rate it. I think it has one of Maiden's best 'rock' riffs, a cool rhythm and a nice chorus. The solo is also pretty decent, and the lyrics are better than a number of the songs that made it onto the original Killers. 8/10
One of the weaker songs on this album. It doesn't do much to differentiate itself from most of the other songs thus far by IM. This is a perfect example of a filler song. 5/10


Always though this was a boring song, but after listening to it again a find the chorus quite good. But the rest of the song is still boring, so therefore:



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I believe this is Maiden's shortest song (not including Ides of March) clocking in at 2:33. There's just not a lot here. The bridge section is the highlight with a very nice guitar harmony. However, I'm not a huge fan of the falsetto vocals, and the main riff is simply decent and nothing more.



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This song's alright. Nothing about it really stands out, but it's a serviceable tune and doesn't overstay its welcome.


RTC's Maiden Ranking:
1: Phantom Of The Opera:
2: Killers: 9/10
3: Remember Tomorrow: 8/10
4: Murders In The Rue Morgue: 8/10
5: Purgatory: 7/10
6: Wrathchild: 7/10
7: Transylvania: 7/10
8: Prodigal Son: 6/10
9: Strange World: 6/10
10: Sanctuary: 6/10
11: Another Life: 6/10
12: Prowler: 6/10
13: Genghis Khan: 5/10
14: Iron Maiden: 5/10
15: Charlotte The Harlot: 5/10
16: Twilight Zone: 5/10
17: Running Free: 4/10
18: Innocent Exile: 4/10
19: The Ides Of March: 2/10
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I kinda really like this song. Something about the guitar sound and the way it drives. It's not a great song, but it is better than the average song on Killers. A little bluesy rock sound to it, a groove I really get. I want to give it a 7, but I can't quite justify it, so a 6.