Tournament of Maiden Solos: the Top 10 video!

Which guitar solo is your favourite?

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I was so sure I was going to vote for CSiT because I remembered not being too hot on ATG, but I was actually thinking of Adrian's fighting-with-the-time-signature solo. Dave's is stellar.
@Forostar, what's the top ten so far?
I'm not Foro, but here you go:
005 / 039 / Wasted Years Adrian Smith

006 / 044 / Alexander the Great Adrian Smith

007 / 040 / Sea of Madness Adrian Smith

008 / 066 / Fear of the Dark Dave Murray
Best post-Somewhere in Time-solo of all (from Seventh Son of a Seventh Son to The Final Frontier)

009 / 084 / Blood Brothers Janick Gers
Best Janick Gers solo
Best post-Fear of the Dark-solo of all (from The X-Factor to The Final Frontier)

010 / 093 / Rainmaker Dave Murray
Best post-Fear of the Dark-Dave Murray solo (from The X-Factor to The Final Frontier)
Besides those are fourth fifth and sixth solos from Somewhere in Time overall.

Only 4 of the top 10 are not from SiT and 3 of those are the lowest.

You people really like that album. I do want to, but it always disappoints me and I cannot put my finger on why.