Tournament of Maiden Solos: the Top 10 video!

Which guitar solo is your favourite?

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Niall Kielt

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Ditto Cried here. I like the aforementioned tempo shift on Stranger compared to Powerslave and agree with Wingman RE its evocative nature. But Powerslave is class, definitive dave, the flow of the notes and a great atmosphere and it instantly conjures up the image of Dave on LAD. If it makes sense, i think Stranger is better but i prefer Powerslave. I think.

Aye, fuck it, one more vote for Dave the Rave.
This one could go to a penalty shootout.

The only way I can split the two is that if Adrian's SIASL solo replaced both Dave's (first) and Adrian's solos in Powerslave the song would still be killer. This idea of hearing this excites me and I may even edit Powerslave and give it a listen.

So I give SIASL the win for giving me a project to do next weekend.

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What Mosh said.
And, on those loudwire top 10 videos Powerslave is listed as one of the 10 best metal solos (somewhere near the middle, AFAIR). As whole instrumental section, not just the beginning.


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Believe it or not, we still do not have a winner (some of you may remember there's one person whose votes I am not counting because of unprecedented bias).

Less then nine hours to go.


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As much as I don't want SIASL to win, Powerslave is not complete without the other two solo sections accompanying it.