Things about Iron Maiden that annoy you

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Even though Maiden is the favorite band of most people on this forum, there are certainly things they do/did that annoy(ed) you.

Even though I really like the setlist of last 2 years, I don't like the fact that they are playing the same 17 songs for two years already. I know it's nothing new, but it's still kinda annoying. At least they'll change it for this year.

I'm still kinda bitter because they didn't release the Download 2007 show on DVD, or some show from the Early Days tour.

Nah, I wanted to open these threads for a while, but was always too uninspired to write an opening post :)
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It annoys me they don't write & release a little more frequently.
It annoys me they don't experiment a little more when writing; feels too safe sometimes; too conventional.
It annoys me they don't play a huge chunk of their discography live.
It annoys me that they don't vary the setlist within tours (a bit more).
It annoys me they don't tour the UK properly on every tour. Don't think there's the fanbase? Play smaller venues then.
It annoys me Dave doesn't write more.

These things only annoy me a little though.
I have not seen them during the last two years, so I can't comment on the setlist from that standpoint.

However, it annoys me that they continue to play "Iron Maiden" at every show. They're Iron Maiden. The world knows it. They don't need to tell us anymore. Surely a better song can be chosen for this spot in the set. Who's to say they can't fight Eddie to a different song?
-Blaze Bayley material that would be killer live is largely ignored. They played SOTC and Clansman at Rock and Rio with awesome results, so it's confusing why they would never touch on it again. Songs like Futureal and Fortunes of War could easily become staples in the setlist.
-They avoid the USA East Coast like the plague. Even Steve on his British Lion tour doesn't hit the States at all.
- Janick screws up his solos live
- Really static and predictable setlists.

Also, why is the Trooper Beer similar to making love in a canoe?
It's f*cking close to water! - Eric Idle
My main complains are
- them not releasing new material more frequently.
- Steve only writing one single song on his own on each album.
- Dave being so lazy with the songwriting : he is so brilliant that it is a real shame.
- Having given up the whole Blaze era as if it never existed.
They've only come to visit me three times in the past 10 years or so.
One of CriedWhenBrucieLeft's, but yeah, why the desertion of the UK? Mainly on their history tours, not so much on their new album tours. But come on, two arena shows on the Maiden England Tour, and one show for the Somewhere Back In Time Tour.

Oh the fact that they never include Infinite Dreams in their setlists, I'm hoping they'll decide to play it at Knebworth in July!

I'm still kinda bitter because they didn't release the Download 2007 show on DVD, or some show from the Early Days tour.

Sitting on it for post-retirement releases, almost guaranteed.

My complaints are the same as most on here:

Tired, predictable setlists. The last time they actually put together an impressive, unconventional setlist was on the Early Days tour, many, many moons ago. As a result, very little of interest in their now-frequent live releases.

Rushing through their studio recordings. BNW had a great, vibrant sound, and it's been downhill ever since. While great song-wise, the production on AMOLAD was flat and dreary, and that continued with TFF, except Bruce didn't even bother to do vocal harmonies on that one, for the most part (if at all--it's been a while since I listened to it).

And like mentioned above, nothing really outside-the-box songwriting-wise. I thought Bruce coming back was contingent on pushing the boundaries of Maiden, but it seems like they've fallen back into that comfortable rut. Though to be fair, he's probably figured he's too old to try and build his career up from scratch, particularly when probably the best album he's ever recorded, The Chemical Wedding, did nothing to spark any interest other than reunion talk.

And on a personal note, ignoring Minneapolis since 2000. :(
  • The recent trend in the U.S. to pretty much only play "sheds" and not indoor venues with proper sound
  • Booooooring and predictable setlists that translate into poor value for money for us fans who have seen them multiple times
    • The lack of Blaze, SIT and NPFTD tracks
    • Overabundance of the same "classics", no matter what the theme of the tour: Trooper, 2 Minutes, NOTB, RTTH, FOTD, Hallowed, Running Free, etc.
  • The lackadaisical approach to songwriting on TFF
As mentioned above:

poor setlists
poor album productions
redundant nostalgia tours
too much touring, too little new albums
The way they cut off the pointy bottoms on the letters "R," "N," and "M" on newer releases, they pretty much only sell black shirts, they think "Bring Your Daughter..." is a good song because it hit #1 during the week of Christmas against no competition, they eschew 75% of their catalog, they pissed off Derek Riggs so much that we will never get another "proper" album/single cover, and Rod. Rod annoys me most of all.
Greetings all,

Great to see many people go nuts on this one. Any positive things as well? Or is it all doom and gloom?
Oh, also: throwing away all the original Maiden England -era interviews (done at the same time as the Early Days, LAD segments), and releasing Maiden England on DVD with only 40 mins of documentary, featuring irritating NOTB graphics, only 30 seconds of SIT footage, no behind-the-scenes crew/promoter/press/etc. interviews, and photo galleries or unseen footage (as on the other history DVDs). Not to mention that horrible, unoriginal and completely generic cover artwork.

SUCH a waste of what could've been a really fantastic and interesting release.