The three weakest IM tracks of the 80s?

Well IMO Burning Ambition still shows little of Maiden's DNA and is quite meh-ish and boring so it's an automatic pick.

Quest For Fire is also on the list without shadow of doubt. I mean it's not horrible or bad per se... it simply features some reeeeeeeeeally bad details like the vocal melody, cringe worth falsetto (not that it's poorly done - pretty much the opposite - but it simply doesn't fit on the verse's melody) and the lyrics suck. The instrumental is quite cool and they lost the chance of making a fourth great instrumental song here.

Gangland is a bit better but there's still some stuff here that I don't gel with. I certainly love late Mr. Burr's drumming but those crash cymbals synchronized with the vocal termination on the verses sound really off IMO and the riff itself is kinda meh. I like the chorus' riff but Bruce's vocal line sounds a bit flat. Hey don't get me wrong... it's still decent especially compared with some stuff the band would release after SSOASS but when compared with with the rest of the 80's catalogue it falls a bit short.

So there you go... and I'm glad it is only three songs because everything else Maiden released during the 80's is great material to say the least. Just to put it in perspective the following 9 songs I like the least are:

Running Free
Charlotte The Harlot
Iron Maiden
Another Life
Twilight Zone
The Prisoner
Sun And Steel

Now imagine an album with these 9 tracks... despite being far from my 80's top notch tunes IMO it's still crazy good. That's how awesome I think 80's Maiden was.
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I never feel the urge to listen to Gangland, and rarely do I feel the urge to listen to Heaven Can Wait.

I remember even in my younger days (I was infatuated with SiT even then), that I kept waiting for a section or part within HCW to break out and really grab on to me. I liked it but never loved it. Today, I feel that it kind of wears on and on, and never really finds a "wow" moment.

Heaven Can Wait is either blessed or cursed by its placement in one of the greatest albums of all time (by any band in any genre).
Prodigal Son
Innocent Exile

Not a huge fan of Killers, it has a lot of fillers imo.
And probably I'm the only one here who loves Quest for Fire
The eighties produced 6 IM albums
There are two weak songs

I can't think of any other weak songs of that decade, unless we dip into B-sides. like Mission from 'arry (which isn't a song, but is a track none the less)
Drifter is great, what the hell is wrong with you all?
It's a cool song indeed. Far from my favorites on Killers but still an excellent rocker.
As I said before the only track I consider to be kind of cringe worth when it comes to their 80's albums is Quest For Fire and while being a bit better Gangland is still quite meh. Other than it's a spree of 7 albums with 61 of its songs varying from really good to excellent as far as I'm concerned.