The most idiotic movie you ever saw


After the war?
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Yes, I have that DVD. No, I don't know why.


It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
Pretty much any Adam Sandler film.
I love him (as an actor) and his films, he's a good guy. :D And I rather choose any comedy with Will Ferrell, or romantic comedy, than, let's say, The Expendables. Now that's a shitty franchise.
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Pica Serdica
1664995054300.pngNot my choice, mind you, all the sixth-graders of our school were herded into watching it. Most of us left by mid-time so I don't know really, might have been a good one after all. But I doubt it.
Disclaimer: There are many really good Soviet and Russian movies, it's not a case of being biased because of recent events.