The Medal of Stupendous Boredom

Discussion in 'Community' started by Perun, May 12, 2012.

  1. Perun

    Perun Stepping out bravely Staff Member

    As you can all guess, it's pretty cool to be a mod. You get to ban people, close threads, have everyone at your mercy, play pranks and have access to every member's dirty little secrets.

    Then, of course, there is the responsibility. You have to monitor the events on the board. Usually, it's enough to browse threads and see if there's anything that requires your attention. We have a great board here, and people here are intelligent, civilised and mostly know how to respect each other. Nevertheless, there are occasions when controversies may get out of control. Pre-emptive action is required, and threads that are in danger of turning nasty must be closely monitored. Each post must be read carefully and the discussion must be followed... which can be tedious if the discussion is boring. Internet forum discussions have this tendency to become long, pointless, boring and annoying. Since forums are all about this, there is nothing that can or should be done against it.

    Still, as a sort of revenge for having had to wade through pages and pages of useless and tedious discussions for years now, I have decided to award a medal to those threads and discussions that are really getting on my nerves. Here it is, the Medal of Stupendous Boredom.


    Criteria for awarding this medal are explicitly subjective and up to the discretion of the moderator who chooses to award it. Nominations are not accepted, objections are ignored. As a rule of thumb, the medal should be awarded to threads or discussions that include:

    • Disproportionately long discussions about insignificant topics
    • Excessive nitpicking
    • Pages of talk about nothing
    • Members getting worked up about things that are just not worth it
    Laureates of the medal now follow.

    1. Discussion The Fugitive vs Starblind from the thread Question about NO PRAYER album (Medal of Stupendous Boredom First Class)
    2. Discussion Better vs Favourite from the thread Best Album Ever Survivor Round 14 (Medal of Stupendous Boredom Second Class)
    3. The thread Bands that fell from grace (Medal of Stupendous Boredom Third Class)
    4. The thread Who's in for some more Maiden Cabaret? (Medal of Stupendous Boredom First Class with Silver Oak Leaf Clusters)
    5. The discussion Kalata Believes in a Setlist Change for No Reason Whatsoever from the thread Legacy of the Beast 2019 (Medal of Stupendous Boredom First Class)
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2019
  2. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    A good initiative. It will encourage people to deviate from the norm (and bring some change in the tedious place this forum has become).

    Who knows we might have some discussions longer than one post per person again.
  3. Kill Devil Hill

    Kill Devil Hill 2deep4u

    I actually thought their argument was the most interesting thing on this forum since I joined. There doesn't seem to be a great deal of discussion lately, and it was nice to see some.
  4. The Flash

    The Flash Dennis Wilcock did 9/11

    I started the whole thing unintentionally [by calling almost every song (including The Fugitive which caught Forostar's attention) on FOTD crap and crowning Starblind as the best in catalogue later on, on a totally different subject], I do agree The Fugitive vs. Starblind was total nonsense (there's nothing to compare about them) but the discussion was fun. I love discussions and it was probably the first one on this forum which I was a part of.
  5. Crimson Idol

    Crimson Idol Caveman

    Don't know if I'd go so far as "interesting", but certainly one of the most lengthy discussions there has been lately and good to see, every attempt at starting a depthy discussion I've made has fizzled out very quickly.
  6. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    Good to see some people appreciated it. I want to say that there was nothing nonsense about the discussion (at least not its intention) and it's always possible to compare songs. I tried something different: comparing in a neutral manner by counting (actually; the Album rankings per person were also done like that). I was corrected but I was glad with that help.

    At the same time I can see it can be very uninteresting, boring (or annoying) to some. Some people reacted emotionally and at times, it felt as some wanted to shut me up (not Cried, he kept feeding the flames ;) ). The lowest moment in the discussion was for me when someone told me to "deal with" something (that something was actually his opinion; an unsubtle disqualification of an album). I was dealing with it, but not in a conforming way. The truth is that I am not here to please everyone, all the time: Deal with it.

    I can see the humour of this medal, and I wonder when it will be awarded again. :)
  7. Kill Devil Hill

    Kill Devil Hill 2deep4u

    Well, I enjoyed it. :p It was cool to see some back-and-forth going on here. And it was a fuckin' weird discussion.
  8. Crimson Idol

    Crimson Idol Caveman

    I was certainly glad to see some extensive discussion and did read the whole thing and keep checking it, just don't know if it remains interesting on the 3rd or 4th analysation of the songs without some major revelation. The initial bit was fine, but it quickly devolved into "Shut up I'm right" in some posts... at which point it became less interesting and more futile.
  9. Natalie

    Natalie Insect of Terror Staff Member

    I think had we had stuck to an objective paradigm for assessing the "complexity" of each song a lot of misunderstanding and frustration could have been avoided. Also, I thought the discussion was fairly interesting when it wasn't simply "my opinion>your opinion". But Perun you're right, there was way too much nitpickery going on and I'm still wondering how to get back those 2+ hours I spent on it. :whogivesafuck:
  10. Zare

    Zare Automaton Sovietico

    This very topic is starting to look like a strong candidate ;)
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  11. Perun

    Perun Stepping out bravely Staff Member

    I proudly announce a new laureate: Best vs Favourite, from Best Album Ever Survivor Round 14. Grounds for awarding the Medal of Stupendous Boredom Second Class are notably: Excessive Nitpicking and Semantics-Wankery. As always, objections will be ignored.

    Thank you for your attention.
  12. mtmccox

    mtmccox Ancient Mariner

    Watching this thread from now on.
  13. Perun

    Perun Stepping out bravely Staff Member

    I proudly announce a new laureate: The thread Bands that fell from Grace. Grounds for awarding the Medal of Stupendous Boredom Third Class are notably: This thread being most unnecessary and retarded case of talking past each other that I have witnessed in a long time, and the fact that this post was in all seriousness made twice.

    As always, objections will be ignored.

    Thank you for your attention.
  14. The Flash

    The Flash Dennis Wilcock did 9/11

    I saw it coming. :p
  15. Black Wizard

    Black Wizard Cereal Litigator

  16. Perun

    Perun Stepping out bravely Staff Member

    Eh. I read it only today.
  17. Black Wizard

    Black Wizard Cereal Litigator

    Well he said that it would implode way too early, and was correct.
  18. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    I am glad to have been part of that thread. It was for a good cause.
  19. I'm glad Foro accused me of "trolling" him. Any time, buddy...
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  20. Also, I can't believe the lamppost thread didn't get one of these medals. Did you miss that thread, or something, Perun?

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