The Legend of the CHEESEVIVÖR - INCORRUPTIBLE BATTALION BATTLES 5&6 (Updated 06.12.20)

So I joined an Unleash the Archers fan group on Facebook. I was not at all surprised to find people were into Maiden, Powerwolf and Sabaton, but also, Brothers of Metal seem to have a big fan following among UTA fans, Why??????
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Brothers of Metal has been a band I've been binging as of late. They're the sharpest of cheddar.
Gloryful win the first match for having a terribly stupid video, verses that totally ape Be Quick or Be Dead, and like 3 different choruses in a row. Rocka Rollas suck.

Frozen Land is so damn cheesy and glittery. It's wonderfully silly. Running Wild is just...fine?
Man, Gloryful is just terrible, and that moment in the video isn't really helping them out. Imagine being the director and coming up with that. Rocka Rollas are also terrible, but they're at least more fun.

Frozen Land is cheese in spades. I feel like Running Wild is indeed too good to be in this game.
I knew it. This board if full of poseurs.

One of the delights of being on Imperial Age's mailing list is links to regular slices of cheese like this:

That appears to be Geek Elrond making a special appearance as Darth Maul. How does one outcheese Powerwolf, exactly?