The Joke Beer Name Thread


The dotage of a dotard
The 666 variety pack:

Chaser Of The Dram
The Pilsener
22 Akolschia Avenue
The Doppel Of The Beast
Brown To The Gills (yes, @Perun ’s was better)
Dead Men Smell No Ales (Biere De Ganglande)
Malted Be Thy Grains


The dotage of a dotard
The Accident Of Brews variety pack:

Maibock 7 Imbibal
Taking The Cream Ale
Dunkelweizen Of Aquarius
Road To Helles
Bohemian Of Sorrows
Accident Of Brews
The Marzicien
Welcome To The Peat (Porter)
The Gose Of Cain
Oatmega (Stout)
Dark Of Spice (Winter Ale)


Bleeding Freak
When the Beer Runs Deep
Holy Stout
Drink With Your Boots On
The Number Of The Yeast
When The Wild Wind Blows (simply to capture what will come out your mouth after drinking it)

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
The Beer Factor(y)
1.) Sign of the Pabst
2.) Lord of the Flyer
3.) Sam on the Edge
4.) Fortunes of Core
5.) Draught for the Truth
6.) The Aftertaste
7.) Quadrupel of Belgium
8.) Rum in the Girl's Glass
9.) The Stout of Darkness
10.) 2 MB*
11.) The Unbeliever**

*More Beers.
**Closing time.


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The Book of Six-packs (part one)

If Beer-ternity Should Fail
Speed of Bright (ale)
The Great Unhopped
The Head and the Black
When the Bottle Runs Deep
The Brew of Souls


The dotage of a dotard
The Swillers variety pack:

The IPA Of March
Malt Is In The Rye Mash
Another Weisse
Gueuze Khan
Innocent English-Style
Bud Light Zone
Prodigal Saison


The dotage of a dotard
The A Matter Of Weisse And Draft variety pack:

Indifferent Hurl
This Lager’s Not Done
Bright Beer Tank, Around A Ton
The Pils Grim
The Strongest IPA
Stout Of The Shadows
The Rye Incarnation Of Belgian-Style Blonde
For The Better Brew Of Bock
Wort Of White (Ale)
The Lambicy