The Hangover Thread

Great great idea! Karaoke at home! It would be super fun haha!
How you do it, do you have a special gear for that or just put YouTube and sing like this?
Today's drunk posts /poll about cider, reminded me of the most epic handover I've ever had, sometime ago. Below is the exact translation /attachment from the related email I sent to a friend of mine a few days after that:

Dear X


So I went on Saturday for beers with some friends, quiet night, I only had a couple of beers and went back home.

The next day I woke up early afternoon and went for 'breakfast' with some others.
I must confess that I felt a strange dizziness which had troubled me. I was thinking, damn, if two beers make me feel like shit the next day, then I'm definitely getting old.

That's what I was thinking and it got me down. Then, as if by a miracle, or by a deus ex machina if you will, I receive a message on my cell phone.
A message without words, only with the photo I am attaching. Equal to 1000 words more or less!
And then I realised that old age may not be to blame for my dizziness after all...

What we got here is a completely new, highest level of handover, which rewrites the hangover book from scratch!
  1. Beginners Level: You wake up with a headache, you remember the horrors of the previous night and you want the earth to open up and swallow you.
  2. Advanced Level: You wake up with a headache and/or dizziness, you don't remember anything and you're ashamed of yourself.
  3. Highest Level: You wake up, and not only you don't remember what happened, you don't even remember that you drank!

Sincerely yours,


I'm not too bad today, considering.

It helps that I had a huge burger, fries and coleslaw while drinking. I still think cider works much better for me than beer, wine or spirits.

Also discovered that the neighbouring town has a much better social scene than the one I live in. I lost count of the number of live music venues, and while there are some bars that are meat markets, its not ALL of them.

Looking forward to seeing first pro band gig in almost three years next week!
Went Hip Hop Clubbing yesterday. Beautiful (and rich) people, mostly casual if stylish clothing, elegant women DJs and same great live rapping. Speakeasy style venues. Great experience, danced all night.

Didn’t get drunk per se, but every drink was different than the other, so I’m posting here.
Think I might just stop drinking. Went out for a couple of beers on the 30th and I still don't feel too good. Had one beer at the new years party at work yesterday before I decided to sneak home. Brutal.
Dedicated to you @Lampwick 43 @Poto and everyone that suffered a handover in this thread since the beginning of time :D

telephone exploded I went
Oh that bell
It sounded so loud in my head
I actually thought I was dead
Yeah, OK, Bye
Leave me be I'm
Gonna lay down and cry

I get this feelin' every time that I'm dry just hand me three fingers and the longer, it lingers
I begin to feel high
All that I need is that friend in my hand and I'm fine
Don't want no lemonade, no first aid, no water or wine
All I need is spirit
Here's my glass will you please fill it
I'm not gonna spill it
Just give me time to readjust me why does no one seem to trust me well why don't you come along if you like and you can bust me but all I want is spirit here's my glass please fill it don't worry I ain't gonna spill it
All that I need is that friend in my hand and Im fine
All that I need is that friend in my hand and I'm fine
Don't want no lemonade, no first aid, no water or wine, so don't try to trick me in to thinking I'm gonna get better some day all you gotta do is give me that friend in my hand and I'm gonna show you all the way
I'm gonna stop drinking
I know what your thinking but I'm gonna stop drinking...
Some day
Got my security pass back safely, it was in the office all along. :) Not much of a hangover to report, either, the Nandos before the drinking session must have made a difference.
I think I was dancing last night, to Bon Jovi at that. I don't remember all my muscles hurting after dancing in the past.
Yesterday my friends and I spent the afternoon/evening playing online. We all had something to drink and I even bought some snacks. I bought a six pack and downed it at a rate of a beer/hr and through the course of the session ate all my snacks. Went to bed at 1030, woke up two hours later to kiss it all good bye. So while I never got "drunk" and don't feel hungover this morning, my body had no issue letting me know I'm not 25 anymore LOL