The Evil That Men Do

How good is The Evil That Men Do on a scale of 1-10?

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Another 9 for this album.


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Another brilliant song. An amazing chorus, great riffs and some excellent vocals. I love the ending too. The only thing that pulls it down from full marks is all the living on a razor edge and balancing on a ledge.

The Evil That Men Do, a Smith/Dickinson/Harris collaboration, is a rollicking tune with incredible guitar hooks and soaring vocals. Steve and Nicko are in top form, laying a solid foundation for Dave and H to tear up the scenery. The bridge is stellar and Adrian’s solo dovetails magically back into the chorus.
Possibly the best song of its approximate length in Iron Maiden's discography, rivalling other blistering 4-5 minute songs such as Aces High and The Trooper and The Wicker Man. 10/10, like all the ones I just mentioned.
Love this song. It's such a stark contrast from CIPWM. Both are obvious singles, but one is more true to the Maiden sound than the other. Great melodies, great riffing, and one of my all time favorite Smith solos. If I had to name one flaw, I'd say that the chorus doesn't quite live up to the rest of the song. But literally everything else is top notch. From the lyrics right down to the drum fills.

Another brilliant song on this awesome album. Superb tempo and gallop in the verses, awesome work from Steve and Bruce here.

Then that wonderful soulful two part bridge might be the best they've ever done. All builds to that emphatic chorus which is superb. This has 3 songs worth of great melodies in one shortish track. Somehow feels like an epic even though it's fairly one paced. Perhaps this pace factor stops me giving a 10 but it's a very strong 9

Lyrically, this is one of the darkest songs Maiden's ever done. Could have benefited from a darker instrumental that better fitted the lyrics, but it's already fantastic as it is. Perfect ending to side A, and, for that matter, a perfect ending to the first part of the story. 9.

A fantastic song that doesn't let up. I particularly enjoy the version from En Vivo!, as I have not yet had the pleasure of witnessing it played live.
Lovely song, one of my favourite rockers! I hope they bring it back into the set. A detail I enjoy is the way they play the pre chorus fewer times for every chorus throughout the song.
I first heard this nine years ago when I first started listening to Iron Maiden. It was only the fifth or sixth song of theirs I'd ever heard, but this was the one that made me start calling Maiden my favourite band. I can't really say why, but after hearing it I just knew that Maiden were something special.

The first time I saw Maiden on the Maiden England 2013 Tour they played this as the second encore song. I screamed the chorus so loud my voice cracked horribly and I started to feel very sorry for the guy standing next to me for having to put up with my singing for two hours...

All this time later it still holds a special place in my heart and stands as my favourite Iron Maiden song. 10, obviously.
This song is the perfect example of the time when Maiden's music was pure magic.Timeless song.
Bass and harmonized guitars trade off through a subdued intro before kicking into a great uptempo riff. This intensity carries through to a fantastic galloping verse that flows seamlessly into an excellent pre-chorus 1 and a still great but pretty repetitive pre-chorus 2 before breaking into a superb, soaring chorus.

Another verse leads into a sweet variant of pre-chorus 1 and a less repetitive version of pre-chorus 2 before breaking back into that fantastic chorus.

A quick musical breakdown leads into a brief harmonized interlude and an excellent solo before returning to pre-chorus 2 and the chorus. A variation on the chorus leads to another quick musical breakdown to end the song.

Everything about this song is superb except for the extra repetition in that first version of pre-chorus 2 ("living on a razor's edge"). That minor ding isn't enough to tarnish this song's well-deserved 10/10.
Golden intro, amazing verses and even better chorus. The guitar melody under the pre-chorus is awesome. Good solo. Great end to the song. One of my all time favorite songs - pure essential Maiden.... classic !!! 10/10
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Beginning with a nice guitar bit before plunging into the actual song - which is really movin' - "The Evil That Men Do" is one of the album's highlights. Great lyrics, a great vocal performance, and great music make this one of the band's best songs. It's been a Top 10 song for me for a while, and while it's dropped a tad from there, it's still fucking awesome. 10