The Evil That Men Do

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According to Dickinson, at this point, Satan,
trying to win the Seventh Son, she appears in the form of a young woman
virgin to him. He falls in love with her and they both fall in love
contact. Their meeting is the catalytic event which dissolves the veil
of the innocence of the young man and sharpens his perception, bringing her
awareness of his powers. This is symbolized by his slaughter
Seventh Lamb, which is the dissolution of the innocence of the Seventh Son.
The consequent opening of the "Book of Life" is the realization of
forces by himself, the dawn of his self-awareness.
The Seventh Son faces the long and difficult road that leads him
waits because of its nature. Realizing his loneliness
imposed by his nature and mission, he decides to sacrifice the will
leaving his beloved with the assurance that he will pray for
her soul but also with the hope that she will return.
In the insert, his lyrics
song is accompanied by the symbol “Pelican
in her piety ”(“ Pelican in piety
his"). During the Middle Ages, the
perception that when the pelican did not find
food to feed his chicks
he tore his "chest" with his beak
to drink his blood, a belief that
had prevailed because the pelican
stores its food in a pocket
from which he later pulls it out with the
its beak to feed the chicks.
It symbolizes self-sacrifice for the common good.
The pelican tearing his chest
also appears in the Greek work
"Physiologist" (3rd - 4th century AD) which probably belongs to its author
Of Alexandria. This is a collection of ethnographic stories with
protagonists animals to which anthropomorphic properties are attributed. Has been
widely used book during the Middle Ages, having
translated into Latin and other languages, while inspiring creation
many later stories of this kind, some of which
were added to the original project. Its author is unknown while
attributed falsely to various Catholic and Orthodox writers
Of the Christian Church. In this work, the pelican appears like a bird
the one who loves his children more than any other species. However, when the
His chicks grow up and start biting their mother, her
irritates, retaliates and kills them. After three days the mother,
suffering from remorse, she tears her breasts and encloses her little ones with it
her blood resurrecting them. The version of the work attributed to the Bishop
Constantias Epiphanios (3rd
- 4th century AD) is differentiated, attributing him
death of the chicks in the snake and their resurrection to the mourning father: "...
the pelican is the most avid bird. The female sits in the nest
taking care of her children and watching over them, embracing them and
hurting them with her kisses. The snake digs the wounds of their ribs
and die. After three days, having returned the male
pelican and finding them dead mourns a lot. Wounded by pain,
he wounds his own side and fills it with holes and blood drips
on the wounds of the dead chicks and thus are resurrected. " (Chapter H,

Understanding reality and realizing its nature
person through contact with the "forbidden wrist" (as will
could be characterized as intercourse with the daughter of Satan) is met and
in the Genesis of the Old Testament, where the protoplasts acquire knowledge
of good and evil and feel their nakedness after eating
his. The phrase "the razor's edge", which is found in the lyrics, has the
its roots in Homer ("Acme stands on wood", Iliad K 173).
Another simpler single but with a belter of a chorus. Great Maiden rocker in a tight as hell package. 8/10
Not much to say that hasn't been said before. The song is full of brilliant melodies, from the beautiful intro, to the catchy pre-chorus (technically cheating since it's a variation :p ), to the vocal melodies themselves and of course the fantastic solo. This was actually the first guitar solo I ever attempted to learn back on my 14th or 15th birthday. Actually got rather close to it as well!
The driving gallop throughout the song is absolutely captivating as well. It's a song that grabs you and doesn't let go until the end. The outro solo is a neat touch; not something they do often.

It's a classic, it fully deserves that status and anything less than a 10 would be a disgrace.