The essential bootlegs?

Discussion in 'Maiden Chat' started by Mosh, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. Zare

    Zare Automaton Sovietico

    Maybe, but they didn't play as Maiden so it doesn't count.
  2. fekso

    fekso Ancient Mariner

    Stockholm 1998 is a great Blaze Bayley era bootleg!
  3. SirRobbins

    SirRobbins Ancient Mariner

    The Prisoner played during the Killers tour 1981

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  4. Black Bart

    Black Bart Ancient Mariner

    It was not part of the "tour" as such (I can't see how a "secret" concert could "promote" anything, then be part of a tour), it was Bruce's introduction concert (at home), during which they also played "Run to the Hills".
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  5. jeffgt14

    jeffgt14 Nomad

    Brazil 1996 is probably the best Blaze bootleg IMO.
  6. eric

    eric Prowler

    surprisingly there are loads s/b recordings from Blaze's era. in regards to Somwhere on Tour both Paris and Philadelphia are soundboard but a bit funny sounding as they are also available on old VHS tapes. you can see those gigs on youtube. in regards to Dortmund I'm not aware of full s/b from that gig but I added to my bootleg 'Iron Maiden' that i ripped from youtube. a german guy there said that at the time they hadn't aired that song cause it was too violent or something. this is my first post. I'm glad I found you guys:)
  7. evil_ash

    evil_ash Trooper

    Yep, the track Iron Maiden was cut from the original broadcast due to Eddie being murdered on stage. You can hear about that story, and see the footage, by watching 12 Wasted Years.
  8. eric

    eric Prowler

    that's it. I remember now. btw are you or anyone else aware of any s/b recording from 2010 tour? this is the only tour I'm missing (apart from full ' 83 of course). I don't collect just about anything. only a few good ones from each tour. just to be clear this is not exactly Final Frontier tour. I've seen Maiden in Dublin 2010 (Dio meant to be there as a support, sadly died not long before that) and this is a warm -up tour where they only played 2 songs from their upcoming Final Frontier album.
  9. Zare

    Zare Automaton Sovietico

    Nope. The New York amateur bootleg is good, tho.
  10. eric

    eric Prowler

    thanks.i'll check that out
  11. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    This? (see below). I like the sharp, edgy, high end sound of it. Love how the guitars come out. Bruce sounds in pretty good shape!

    01 Wrathchild 00:00:00 02 Run To The Hills 00:03:07 03 Children Of The Damned 00:07:24 04 The Number Of The Beast 00:11:59 05 Phantom Of The Opera 00:16:40 06 Killers 00:23:26 07 Transylvania (With Dave Guitar Solo) 00:28:19 08 The Prisoner 00:34:21 09 22 Acacia Avenue 00:40:21 10 Sanctuary 00:46:56 11 Drifter 00:51:01 12 Running Free 00:59:53 13 Prowler 01:03:32 (awesome version)

    13:14 Best NOTB scream captured (YouTube comment).

    Preview ("Bruce Dickinson sings a great high note in 22 Acacia Avenue"):
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  12. desultory

    desultory 1-2-3-compassion

    Exactly that, one of the best from that tour
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  13. Ruflux

    Ruflux Ancient Mariner

    I'm surprised to hear Prowler introduced by not Bruce. I genuinely can't even remember another instance of that happening during Bruce's tenure (somebody else speaking on stage instead of him). Definitely a great performance, but the quality is really bad, honestly. Horribly noisy and treble-heavy.
  14. srfc

    srfc Ancient Mariner

    Yeah I read somewhere (possibly Bruce's book) that Steve used to do a bit of talking on stage (you can hear a bit at the end of Drifter on the Sanctuary b-side "thank you good night, cheers") but Bruce nipped it in the bud by telling Steve that he was the frontman and he'd do the talking.
  15. Kalata

    Kalata Out of the Silent Planet

    The version of Prowler from BOH also is not introduced by Bruce.

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