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Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets would also be playing here next year. I am much more of a fan of latter 70s Pink Floyd with David Gilmour, but I might be there to see a living legend with a great band.


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Saw Stratovarius last night, it was incredible! I turned the clock back like a decade. It was in the same small venue I saw Amorphis, but unlike Amorphis this time it was packed to the brim and I was like 4 meters from the stage. Kotioelto is a great front man, he sounded great, made eye contact with fans, singled some out and at one point he took some phone from the fans in front and took video of his band mates and himself before giving them back.

The band introductions were interesting, normally front men are like, on guitar, so and so! On bass, what's his face! So on and so forth. What they did was introduce a member, they'd do a solo that would lead into a song before introducing the rest. The bassist was hilarious, after being introduced he did a short solo, gets on the mic and screams, "Yo soy Raúl, A TODA MADRE!" which roughly translates to, "I am Raúl, FUCKING AWESOME!" and played a bit of the national anthem. They used more Spanish than the token, gracias and buenas noches. They asked us how are you, will you sing with me as well, not bad.

They said they were going to play, some old, some new and some in between songs, yet they played mainly in between stuff, one old and 2 new lol. Most was from visions and infinite.

I hurt lol, my upper back hurts, my legs hurt, I can't talk, but last night I was 20 again hahaha. Great show, I was in such ecstasy I was in near tears.

Upcoming show I want to go to is Haggard, due to the date it's iffy, but considering I've waited 20 years to sea them I'll try my best to make it.

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Acquired tickets to see Alter Bridge next year on their US run considering Skillet since they are at the local arena on a weekend but I honestly haven't listened to them before but I have heard they put on a good show


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I still haven't decided if I want to see AB yet. I was gonna buy tickets but Tool announced the next day. Tool has priority over AB. I want to go but I've spent a lot of money on shows recently, and I think I might wait until something better is announced.


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I'm not a huge fan of AB, but I did think the new album was pretty good. I would have gotten tickets for the UK tour in December, but I don't really rate the openers

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I don't really rate the openers
Don't you fucking dare talk shit about The Raven Age. :mad:
I think I might wait until something better is announced
Such as The Raven Age?

On Monday evening I saw Thursday who were one of the seminal Emo bands. It was a trip down memory lane for me as I grew out of that sort of band a long time ago but they were playing their best album - 'War All The Time' - in full as part of a 20th anniversary tour. It was nice to see a band whom I missed out on when I was younger, especially since they never used to play some of the songs from this album because some people felt a few of the later songs were too dark and edgy for them. It's their best album though. I didn't know the songs in their encore well though as, like I said, I moved on from them many years ago. They did do a cover of The Buzzcocks' 'Ever Fallen In Love' with the support act - a guy called Chris - joining them. He's from another Emo band called Saves The Day and has those awful whiny, nasal Emo vocals. He was pretty boring.

After I get back from San Francisco I'll have the double header of British Lion and Alter Bridge a few days before Christmas. In February I will be returning to more typical Black Wizard fare with Delain and Dream Theater.


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Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets would also be playing here next year. I am much more of a fan of latter 70s Pink Floyd with David Gilmour, but I might be there to see a living legend with a great band.
Defintely get a ticket, you won't regret it. Saw them last year, and it was probably the best fun I've had at a Floyd related gig, and I've seen Roger Waters twice and Gilmour three times.


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Death Angel with Exmortus opening in Webster (just south of Houston TX):
Amazing night! TIGHT & brutal performance! Marc is not human to still scream like that after all the years! Loved his statements about metal brotherhood (just wish they would quit skipping Frolic lp in the set); the band is very excited about their Grammy nomination.

This was my 1st Exmortus show; impressive guitar work & singer was very good at pumping the audience up!



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Saw Devin Townsend in Nottingham last night. I have to say it was probably the best gig I have been to this year. Compared to 2017, when I last saw him, he seemed a lot more at peace and focused, especially with his new band. When he was with the DTP, performances felt robotic and slaves to a backing track or click tracks, but last night was so fluid and natural with a lot of improv. Devin really picked some incredible musicians for this tour.

The setlist was Empath heavy, of course, and I never really warmed to it but hearing some of the tracks live gave me a whole new appreciation for it. There was a nice quartet of Ki songs that worked very well too. He played Deadhead, which was just incredibly powerful, the music just surrounded me and brought me to tears - especially with Devin's ear piercing screams.

It was also the last night of the tour last night, and you could tell it was an emotional night, with one of the backing singers and Che crying, I even think Devin had tears in his eyes.

Overall, fantastic night. Devin really is one of the most inspirational and talented musicians around today, and we must protect him at all costs. See you at Bloodstock next year!



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Added a new concert.

Jan 3 - Epica feat. The Agonist, Blackguard @ Corona Theatre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Apr 7 - Powerglove feat. Immortal Guardian @ Mavericks, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
May 18 - Symphony X feat. Primal Fear, Firewind @ Cafe Campus, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
June 27 - Iron Maiden feat. Airbourne, Alter Bridge @ Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden
Aug 27 - Amaranthe feat. Battle Beast, Seven Spires @ Mavericks, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Oct 12 - HammerFall feat. Beast in Black, Edge of Paradise @ Corona Theatre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Jun 26, 2012 - Iron Maiden feat. Alice Cooper @Comcast Center, Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA
July 14, 2013 - Rush @ Halifax Metro Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Sep 10, 2014 - Sonata Arctica feat. Delain, Xandria @ Mavericks, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Feb 27 - The Iron Maidens, Count Vamp'd, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Feb 28 - Iron Maiden feat. Raven Age @ Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Apr 1 - Iron Maiden feat. Raven Age @ Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Apr 25 - Sabaton feat. Battle Beast @ Club Soda, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
May 27 - Iron Maiden feat. Shinedown @ The O2 Arena, London, England, UK
May 28 - Iron Maiden feat. Shinedown @ The O2 Arena, London, England, UK
Jun 15 - Iron Maiden feat. Ghost @ Hollywood Casino Ampitheater, Tinley Park, Illinois, USA
July 15 - Iron Maiden feat. Ghost @ Budweiser Stage, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Feb 22 - Iced Earth feat. Sanctuary, Kill Ritual, Wolftooth @ The Deluxe at Old National Center, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Mar 2 - Sabaton feat. Kreator, Cyhra @ MTelus, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Mar 20 - Nightwish @ MTelus, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Mar 25 - Judas Priest feat. Saxon, Black Star Riders @ TD Place Arena, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Jul 28 - Heavy Montreal: Veil of Maya, Lee Aaron, Sword, Pallbearer, Alestorm @ Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Jul 29 - Heavy Montreal: Intervals, Helix, Gloryhammer, Trivium, Gojira @ Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Sept 17 - Paul McCartney @ Centre Videotron, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Sept 22 - Alestorm feat. Gloryhammer, Protokult @ Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sept 29 - Unleash the Archers feat. Striker, Lycanthro, Sovereign Council @ Mavericks, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Dec 7 - Ghost @ Place Bell, Laval, Quebec, Canada
April 3 - Kiss @ Canadian Tire Centre, Kanata, Ontario, Canada
April 5 - Dream Theater @ Salle Wilfred-Pelletier, Place des Arts, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
May 22 - Slayer feat. Lamb of God, Amon Amarth, Cannibal Corpse @ Canadian Tire Centre, Kanata, Ontario, Canada
June 5 - Gloryhammer feat. Aether Realm, Valfreya @ L'Astral, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
June 11 - Striker feat. Unknown, Infrared @ Mavericks, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
July 19 - Def Leppard feat. Tesla @ Canadian Tire Centre, Kanata, Ontario, Canada
Aug 5 - Iron Maiden feat. Raven Age @ Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Aug 24 - Iron Maiden feat. Raven Age @ Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Centre, Noblesville, Indiana, USA
Sept 1 - Demons & Wizards feat. Lizzy Borden, Tyr @ Corona Theatre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Sept 15 - Kamelot feat. Sonata Arctica and Battle Beast @ Club Soda, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Sept 17 - Battle Beast feat. Infrared, Lycanthro, Scepter @ Mavericks, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Oct 18 - Ghost feat. Nothing More @ Canadian Tire Centre, Kanata, Ontario, Canada
Oct 30 - Sabaton feat. HammerFall @ MTelus, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Oct 31 - HammerFall feat. Infrared, Lycanthro, Scepter, Machine Messiah @ Mavericks, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Nov 5 - Alestorm feat. The Aphelion, Sovereign Council, Aephanemer @ The Brass Monkey, Nepean, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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Bought tickets to see this bands reunion tour, so far only three venues, next year. They haven't played since the 70s. if anyone here knows them, you are awesome :bigsmile:


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The last two days have brought Black Wizard's concert attendance to an end. On Friday night I saw British Lion play in Islington, with one of the guitarists from The Iron Maidens and apparently Bruce Dickinson too. Then last night I saw Alter Bridge in the O2 Arena . Both were good shows - reviews in the appropriate threads.

2019 in live music was:

22/03 Kamelot/Evergrey/Visions of Atlantis, Birmingham
24/03 Cellar Darling/Appearance of Nothing/Blanket, Birmingham
29/03 The Lounge Kittens/Grant Sharkey, London
16/04 Avantasia, London
26/04 Light the Torch/The Sun Never Set/Cerca Trova/Dishonour the Crown, London
01/06 Alexisonfire/Chastity/Child's Pose, London
06/06 Symphony X/Savage Messiah, London
29/06 Gojira/Rolo Tomassi, Birmingham
30/06 Demons & Wizards/Dendera, London
05/08 Iron Maiden/The Raven Age, Montreal
09-11/08 Bloodstock Festival (Scorpions, Sabaton, Eluveitie, Queensryche, Powerwolf etc.)
28/09 Ancient Bards/Dakesis etc., Birmingham (Power Metal Quest Fest)
19/10 Killswitch Engage/Revocation/Tenside, Birmingham
26/10 Thrice/Refused/Gouge Away, Birmingham
31/10 Beyond the Black/Mister Misery, London
25/11 Halestorm/In This Moment/New Years Day, Nottingham
28/11 Sumo Cyco/As Sirens Fall/Suburban, London
20/12 British Lion/Voodoo Six/Nine Miles Down, London
21/12 Alter Bridge/Shinedown, London

I won't get into the fad of ranking each event, but the best show of the year was certainly The Almighty Raven Age in Montreal. Spellbinding.
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I won't get into the fad of ranking each event, but the best show of the year was certainly The Almighty Raven Age in Montreal. Spellbinding.
I remember the look on your face, almost as if you were transfixed by them and couldn't even get a smile on your face to show the joy.

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Acquired a few more concert tickets over the past month or so, looking forwards the the first two shows the most at this point, I missed AB the past 3 times they came through the area and missed Baz last time because of having an exam the next morning. Not too thrilled about Marilyn Manson being Ozzy's opener instead of Stone Sour or Megadeth but I guess I get to see someone I haven't seen before. I'm hoping to make a trip to Vegas to see Aerosmith and if rumours are true Scorpions will also do a short vegas residency in the summer so I might have to take a second trip.

2020 Concerts
  1. Alter Bridge
  2. Sebastian Bach
  3. Alice Cooper w/ Lita Ford
  4. Journey w/ The Pretenders
  5. Ozzy Osbroune w/ Marilyn Manson
  6. Def Leppard and Motley Crue w/ Poison and Joan Jett

  1. Bon Jovi
  2. Bryan Adams
  3. Jon Bon Jovi
  4. AC/DC
  5. Scorpions w/ Queensryche
  6. Joan Jett and Heart - Abbotsford
  7. Guns N Roses w/ Alice In Chains
  8. Def Leppard w/ REO Speedwagon and Tesla
  9. Uli Jon Roth
  10. Def Leppard w/ Poison and Tesla
  11. Queen + Adam Lambert
  12. Guns N Roses w/ Royal Blood
  13. Scorpions w/ Megadeth
  14. Foreigner w/ Honeymoon Suite
  15. The Killers
  16. Halestorm and Stone Sour
  17. P!nk
  18. Robert Plant
  19. John Fogerty
  20. Foreigner w/ Whitesnake and Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening
  21. Alice Cooper
  22. Alice In Chains
  23. Lindsey Stirling and Evanescence
  24. Journey and Def Leppard
  25. Myles Kennedy
  26. Greta Van Fleet
  27. Kiss
  28. Lynryd Skynryd w/ Randy Bachman
  29. P!nk
  30. Michael Schenker Fest
  31. Halestorm
  32. Judas Priest w/ Uriah Heep
  33. Queen + Adam Lambert
  34. Slash ft Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators
  35. Blue Oyster Cult w/ Quiet Riot; David Wilcox and The Romantics
  36. Weird Al Yankovic
  37. Iron Maiden
  38. Iron Maiden
  39. Elton John
  40. Led Zepagain
  41. The Who


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Saw my final concert of 2019 last night: Zebra. Any Led Zeppelin fan would thoroughly enjoy seeing this trio live! Watching Randy play his solos immediately brought Jimmy Page to mind. But his real talent is, after 40 years of performing, he can hit and sustain high notes on his singing that surpass the studio versions! And the longer they played, the better it sounded and the more often he did so (even between songs!)

Of course the setlist always focuses on their debut (at the time it was Atlantic records' best selling debut!), but the other cds were all represented as well. Highly recommend seeing this band live

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I opened my concert year with Dream Theater at the Helsinki Icehall.

So yeah, that was a really fucking great concert as expected. I have some thoughts to share about it.

  • The sound was really good, which totally took me by surprise since I had seen many complaints about the mix during this tour. Everything was easily audible except bass, which you never really hear in most dt songs either way. The screen played a big role in the SFAM songs but I personally much rather spend my time looking at the band.
  • Their stage presence was perhaps a little bit better than excepted. After Portnoy’s departure, the band has been lacking a real showman, but James and Jordan carried the show really well. Petrucci took some contact with the crowd, and JM and MM were machines as always. I have to say that James is really skilled at creating an image of the lyrics he’s singing, his expressions and hand movements while singing are highly underrated. His little jokes were also pretty good. The entire band seemed to be pretty happy, not emotionless like the idiots say.
  • Then the most important thing – performances. Mangini was awesome again, he’s obviously the best drummer I’ve seen live. Those solos in Finally Free are amazing. He also managed to lose a drumstick at one point without me noticing any difference in his playing. John Myung was his usual self, nothing really to say here except he managed to break a string. Petrucci kicked ass and his solos were eargasmic as always. I really don’t think that his mic was on at any point tho, at least his “vocals” sounded more like a recorded LaBrie voice. Rudess was perfect, ordinary day for him. James did pretty well overall. His voice cracked a lot and he replaced several high notes with screams, but that’s to be expected. He sounded powerful in most of his parts and did exceptionally well with emotional pieces. Definitely an improvement over the first couple shows of this leg.
  • The setlist consisted of the entirety of Metropolis pt.2, five Distance over Time songs + A Nightmare to Remember and In the Presence of Enemies pt. 1. Surely not one of their best setlists, but much of it worked surprisingly well. My biggest complaint is At Wit’s End being placed in the encore where it absolutely does not belong. I have to say that SFAM worked perfectly. Through Her Eyes, Fatal Tragedy, The Spirit Carries On and Finally Free were all amazing but the best live song in the set is without a shadow of a doubt HOME. Holy fuck, it was a banger, believe me. Probably one of the best live songs I’ve ever experienced. The newer songs in the first set worked really well, but it’s obvious what the main focus of the show was.


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Tool was amazing last night. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I don’t know who their sound guy is but Maiden should really start taking notes. I’ve seen Tool in an Amphitheater and a Stadium and both times the sound was crystal clear and easily the best I’ve ever heard.

Very good set too. I was little disappointed because they swapped Descending for Part of Me, and that’s one of the biggest downgrades in the history of downgrades. The rest of the new songs were good too! Especially Pneuma!!! The Pot was a very nice touch too.

Also, I’m now a fan of Tools “zero tolerance camera except for the last song” policy. I don’t like to watch the show through people’s iPhones.