The Concert Thread

Joe Satriani was awesome this past Wednesday night! Sounded just as great as ever... I don't remember setlists too well but I remember that "Ice No 9" was about the 3rd song in I think, and "Surfing with the Alien" was the last song.. and, during "Satch Boogie", they showed an awesome montage of his album covers, and pics of guitar magazines he was on the cover of
@Mosh I'm considering seeing CHVRCHES in Charlotte, NC in June. The only problem is the whole trip is probably gonna cost me anywhere from $200-250 and I'll have to miss a day of class. I like their music, but do they put on a really good live show?
I personally wouldn't travel to see them.

But the list of bands I'd travel for is also very very small. Regardless, I paid about $50 to see Chvrches and that's about the most I'd probably spend for their concert. They're great live but worth waiting for them to show up in your town. It's also essentially the Lauren Mayberry show, the other guys might as well not be there.
Exit Festival just announced full lineup for Explosive Stage (metal/rock).

100% seeing At The Gates, Toxic Holocaust and Negură Bunget on the last (4th day) of the festival.
Probably seeing Paradise Lost and Sear Bliss on the 3rd day.
I just wanted to post the poster with a @Night Prowler tag! Great line-up! Nice you want to see Sear Bliss. Their performances aren't the tightest (although at the moment they use a drummer I don't know), and you might find the vocals monotone, but when I saw them I always loved them because of the vibe. I am jealous (I missed them when they were here recently :/ ).

It's gonna be a bit of a hassle to go there 2 days in a row (since I have to go to Novi Sad then back to Belgrade then again the next day), but I'll do my best. I don't think I'd go to a solo Sear Bliss concert due to money, but since I'll already pay the ticket for the whole night, might as well check out everything I can.

Lineup is much better this year. 2 nights on this stage are mostly hardcore/metalcore junk, but the other 2 nights are mostly metal. Still, Sabaton is like the only band in past 5-6 years that played there that's not black/death/doom/-core <_<
The Prodigy added for the Main Stage on the 4th day. I'm not that much of a fan but I've heard it's their last tour so I'll see them if they aren't on at the same time as At The Gates.
I enjoyed the Prodigy live at Sonisphere, but then I'm not averse to listening to them anyway. Used to be described as dance music for people who don't like dance music.
Paid for the Black Sabbath ticket. It's most I've ever spent on a concert ticket, twice as much as Maiden in 2014. And it's for seats. But I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I didn't see Iommi live, so... Budapest, June 1st, here I come!
Just watched the farewell show of a kickass Canadian alt-celt band that was legendary out here back in my university days.
Good, but also very sad.

The drummer is dealing with kidney failure and one frontman has Crohn's disease.
The other frontman, John Mann, has early onset Alzheimer's Disease. He's just 53.
At Mann's insistence, the band decided to do one final tour while he still could.
This article tells the heartbreaking story very well:

I watched them two days after Maiden — an older band.
Mann wore a t-shirt that said fuck Alzheimer's. He can no longer play guitar.
He alternated between frenetic dancing and full-throated top-of-his-game singing, and moments of anxiously clutching at his t-shirt as he desperately focused on an iPad strapped to his mike stand to remember the lyrics.
I got a lump in my throat as he sang a band staple called Unplugged, that he wrote 20 years ago, advocating for assisted suicide.
My wife said she spent the entire evening terrified for him, but he made it through with the help and obvious love of his bandmates.

Maybe the most emotional concert I have ever experienced. I fucking hate Alzheimers
Here's what they were in their prime.

Really good stuff, that music is right up my alley! It's terrible to see anyone struck with such a disease so early, but somehow especially heartbreaking to watch it happen to a musician. Glad you got to be a part of the farewell show!
How many times have I sung that song while drunk off me arse? Sad to know this has happened. Great Canadian band.
Forgot to mention the band Hatchet that opened up for Metal Church on their recent US tour. Had never seen them or heard their music before and really liked them. Reminds me of 80's metal and thrash. Promoting their 3rd (I think) CD right now:

Just got my ticket for "Generation Axe" featuring Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde, and a few others on May 5th.. I was originally supposed to go to the Little Stevens Underground Garage Tour that night but it got cancelled, so I got a ticket to Generation Axe as a replacement, and, as bummed as I am that the Garage tour got cancelled, I'm excited for this one:D