"The Book of Souls" - Official pre-release thread (CONTAINS ALBUM SPOILERS)

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Was this mentioned here already?
Book of Thel & Tyranny of Souls ===> ???

If it is a coincidence it is a very fitting one, ,seeing how much Bruce has contributed to this album (and how one of the songs has almost the same name as a song from Bruce's solo work).

Funnily enough, Bruce does not have writing credit for that song ... or the title track.
Well, we have members from the UK here...question is..do they wanna buy Kerrang? :D

I'm sure more magazines will announce Maiden cover stories soon over the next couple of weeks ...
My local newsstand, or what accounts for one here, carry Kerrang as an import. Could maybe get myself to pick that number up... :p
As do mine...But with imports, we get the "latest" mag like weeks later? By the time Kerrang is at my local newsstand, quality scans will probably be available.
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Well, we have members from the UK here...question is..do they wanna buy ...
No chance. Kerrang is by and large a heap of worthless crap with a couple of posters of whoever will sell a magazine to younger teens. Will it even have anything new from Steve, or just a rehash of the press release?
I... you... but...

If anything will have something special, it will be next month's issue of Metal Hammer.

They'll no doubt have an Iron Maiden special.
Oh yea, I remember Metal Hammer did an awesome Maiden issue around the time of TFF.
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