"The Book of Souls" - Official pre-release thread (CONTAINS ALBUM SPOILERS)

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I think it is the other way around,right? However we always had the title and the song names around 2 1/2 months prior to an albums release. Especially since the Maiden site was founded.
Guys, I don't think Maiden were planning to release the info for the album just yet. They were forced to because it leaked as a pre-order on Amazon. That must have turned their schedule on it's head, including promo song preview release and contents of next fc mag.

That was my feeling, too.
How about editing Sign of the Cross? Or SSOASS after the the singing ends? Listening to too much music without vocals can make me fall asleep while driving.

:confused: The long musical passages are the moments I prefer in Maiden songs : the second part of To Tame a Land, of SSoaSS are the best instances. I certainly don't need a singer to find a song interesting. Actually, when Maiden is criticized about repetition, this is never for the music, but the sung parts. Only Where Eagles Dare kind of repeats the same riff (and it is variation not repetition). If a writer wants to do a long musical passage, he has to variate, and Maiden (most of all Harry and Davey) are the best for that.
Welcome back @gor !

And I think you are absolutely right. That would also explain why it was put up so suddenly. No teasing or countdown or anything like they normally do.
Six posters but instead of six Maiden posters, I only see some Emo kids, some bloke stuck in the 70s, some... human whose gender I can only guess and three times Abby Sciuto from NCIS.
Hopefully the article will be better than the poster selection.
Kerrang sold out a long time ago...Actually they've always followed scene trends (in the early 90's it was guns/metallica, in the mid to late 90's it was nu-metal, korn, deftones......now it's whatever the hell those bands on the cover play :D ) but they still stick up for some of the classic bands..

I'm just happy that this is the starting gun to a lot of upcoming magazine interviews about the new songs/album.
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