THE BOOK OF SOULS: LIVE CHAPTER - New Live Album! - November 17th


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I'd hate to give my money to Walmart, but I'd like to put my hand on this. 20 years later, I still regret not to have been able to get the X-Factor iron chair. But I just hate when Maiden create some stuff for a special market. I assume they take european sales for granted and want to boost the sales overseas, which is just unfair.
Maybe. They have different publishers in the US, remember.


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I'll get the Wal Mart edition. Can't resist an Eddie action figure.

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They released the live stream art as a t shirt stating that people have been expressing much love for the design. Who are these people? Where are they? Do they need their eyeballs scrubbed?


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Tour announcement and at least some dates. Hellfest, Rockavaria and Rockwave for sure. Maybe Italian dates.