The Assassin

How good is The Assassin on a scale of 1-10?

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It's a really cheesy song for Maiden, and actually, even for No Prayer For The Dying. It's got some cool music going on, but those lyrics are too simplistic for this band. That said, the chorus is pretty fun, and I think overall it's just an average song with some good points, some bad points, but overall nothing terribly special. Shallow fun you can come back to every now and then but won't draw you in that often.
IMO, the lyrics are horrid, period. And Bruce's performance is underwhelming. Meanwhile, the instrumental backing track is perfect, and should have stayed like that on the album.
This song is underrated. I always liked it. The bass & drums playing through it are awesome. Love the start of song. The verses are ''creepy'', great riff and the chorus is fun. Great solos, especially Janick's one. 9/10.
I get a very Eastern vibe from this song (similar to “Mother Russia”). The music is better than the lyrics, but it’s not my favorite overall. The verses are weirdly put together, the chorus is so dumb and not in the fun kind of way. Instrumental section is just… there. I dunno. It’s not bad and I don’t dislike it, but there’s nothing here that makes it worth coming back to much. Eh. 5/10