The Assassin

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Re: Daily Song: The Assassin

Musically this song is quite interesting and reminiscent of some of Steves output on SIT an SSOASS. May have been a more solid number if the chorus was left as instrumental. 6
Re: Daily Song: The Assassin

The intro is definitely the best part of the song, but the solos aren't bad.  However, the verses are rather boring and the chorus is one of Maiden's worst.  I'll give it a very low 6.
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8. Poor lyrics, but quite effective, like the hundreds of movies of serial killer we watch, late at night, to kill the time. Interesting construction of chords and build up of the song. Bruce singing is quite enjoyable as he plays the assassin carachter pretty convincing. The bridge before the solo, the solo rhythm and the harmony changes are some of the most interesting and enjoyable from the Maiden - it comes from 'octaved' Cm to Em, on Davey's solo, then to D major (or B minor?), and A then F, on Jan's solo; the solos themselves are pretty well executed and Janick one is one of his best for me. Totally manic. At its worst, Maiden can still blow your mind.
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Great bass guitar going on here, and excellent lead solo. Bruce's voice is at its melodic best I think. A neat, tight tune with nothing to complain about and plenty to praise. Definitely a 10 out of 10.
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It's actually a really great song for it's album, just not great enough to be anything more than a 6 when compared to all the other stuff. I really like the chorus and the whole sinister feel it has to it.
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Far from Maiden's greatest song but far from their worst. I found it to be the catchiest song from NPFTD. I think Forostars correlation between this and the Di'Anno era is rather accurate, it's just feels like a fish out of water on No Prayer. I've given it a 6.
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6 out of 10... Nothing really stands out in this tune for me. The solos are both not bad, but I find the entire song pretty mediocre.
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Among my very least favourite Maiden songs, with the chorus taking the biscuit. Has to be 1/10 from me.
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Initially this and Mother Russia were my 2 favorite songs on No Prayer, but it certainly has fallen off over the years. Now the only song I can still bear to listen to on No Prayer is Run Silent, Run Deep.

Interesting that a correlation between Di'anno lyrics and lyrics to this song were made, as I have always felt this song was a poor attempt at doing something simliar to Killers. Remember when this came out Maiden were trying to get back to that stripped-down early 80s feel. What better way than going back to Killers? Well, I think we can all see it just wasn't to be. For nostalgia's sake I give it a 6.
Worst performance of Bruce's career. Terrible chorus. The composition had potential. Maybe it should have been an instrumental. 6/10.
Prime example of NPFTD's suffering with unfinished, uninspired stuff. Chorus is lame, but verse's are somewhat interesting. On the other hand, it's not too bad either. 6
I used to like this one a lot, but every time I listen to it, I hate it more. 5/10
8/10, like the way the bass sounds, like the lyrics with the picture they portray and the build up of tension.
I really like this song. Everything is great, starting from the verse solos and the chorus. It's in the better half of the album. 8/10.

It seems that I already voted for 10, but nevermind. It's still 8/10.