The Assassin

How good is The Assassin on a scale of 1-10?

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I like the intro a lot, but then everything goes progressively downhill. The lyrics are pretty stupid, the chorus is dreadful, all the rest is mediocre. I don’t know if my opinion will change listening closely t the entirety of the next albums again, but right now I think it might be their worst song ever. It just makes you cringe. 3/10
I actually like this song! I enjoy the feeling and the melodies quite a lot. The lyrics have gotten a lot of shit, but they don't bother me, doesn t excite me either, but they don't get in the way of enjoying the song for me. Definitely underrated around here.
I don't think this is terrible. It's not genius or anything, but it's fun and fits well between the more serious Fates Warning and Run Silent Run Deep.
A spooky opening lick builds into an interesting heavier break, then opens up into a tense verse that continues to build up that tension really effectively until...

...WTF is this?! Somehow we've been transported into a terrible community college musical for the chorus! "Better watch out", indeed. And what's with the downtuned backing vocals? So terrible.

A few cackly "assassin!" calls and we find ourselves in a so-so solo that breaks into a couple of somewhat better ones.

Another round of verse, ending on a particularly bad vocal performance ("and you can kiss your ass goodbye!"), and then we're subjected to that chorus again before it's assassinated by a final cackle of "Assassin!"

This song angers me because the opening and the verse are killer (pun intended), and this great mood is built up, only to be unforgivably shit on by the chorus. Bruce's vocals are all over the place too, with some nice melodic singing at one moment and ridiculous cackling at the next. What a missed opportunity.

There's some good stuff here, but the negatives are so strong that they completely cancel out the positives. 5/10.
Would be 10 with Paul sinnging honestly. Brucie don't do "rough" very good. He is too nice and wholesome the wanker.
The backing music is sinister and pretty great, the lyrics aren't so much. Bruce does a good job with the vocals though, and the chorus is fun, but this is as a whole just a throwaway track that's pretty weak among the titans the same band have also released. 5
It is songs like this that prove Adrian was right to go on his sabbatical. How can you go from Seventh Son to this? Prob Maidens cringeist song.
It's a really cheesy song for Maiden, and actually, even for No Prayer For The Dying. It's got some cool music going on, but those lyrics are too simplistic for this band. That said, the chorus is pretty fun, and I think overall it's just an average song with some good points, some bad points, but overall nothing terribly special. Shallow fun you can come back to every now and then but won't draw you in that often.
That said, the chorus is pretty fun