Sun and Steel

How good is Sun and Steel on a scale of 1-10?

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A song that will always have a special place in my heart, and in another lifetime would have been in my Top 40. Now though, I think it's a weaker song that's still fairly strong overall and features a pretty great chorus, but there are plenty of better ones out there. 6
Ah. Much better. Not that it was very difficult to be better than that last one. Alas, being much better than Quest for Fire means it's at least better than a sack of crap. What does it mean for the song on its own, though? Well, it's serviceable, there's nothing I hate here nor is there anything I particularly like here. Such songs get a 5/10.
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There's an Irish Flight Of Icarus mispress that states that the B side is 'Sun And Steel' but actually plays the proper B side which is 'I've Got The Fire'.

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Great galloping tempo and riffs. The chorus is nice. The twin-lead harmony is awesome. Dave's ''wild'' solo is short but effective. I always wondered why Adrian don't have a solo on a song he co-wrote? The chorus is the ''best'' thing (though being so repetitive for such a short song). Overall. this is a good song. 7/10
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Used to be a much bigger fan of this one. It’s got a pretty big chorus for the kind of track it is, but over time it’s fallen for me. Not one of the great Smith/Dickinson tracks, but a step up from “Quest for Fire”. 7/10
I really like the chorus, it's incredibly catchy, and somehow "sweet" :) 8/10.

(I think that Jon Schaffer from Iced Earth listened to this song many, many times, because I heard that verse riff many, many times in IE songs :) Don't get me wrong, at least he borrowed something from the best band ever. Btw. Iced Earth is my second favorite band.)
Still thinking the same, well, except for Iced Earth being my second favorite band. And also, downgrading this to 7/10.
Oh, boy... This one joins Total Eclipse as one of the worst songs in Maiden's catalogue. It basically has no redeeming qualities in my eyes. The chorus is obnoxious and grating and has the audacity to be repeated a few times too much. The verses feature a galloping riff, which is something nice usually, but it's so uninspired, that I can't begin to like it. The instrumental section before the solos is kinda nice, but doesn't come close to the stronger sections all over the album. The solo is far too short, only to go into the ever repeating chorus. I suppose this chorus is like a wheel as well. 1.
Brilliant song, overlooked and underrated and I never understood why. Magnificent verses, a soaring chorus and juicy instrumental section. It offers everything a great Maiden song should have. A fat 9.