Studio Album #16 - Rumours and Speculation (New Info 27.02.15)

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From 2012-
"Harris: I don't know about ten years, but I think we've certainly got another five years in us but it's hard to say. As you get older it gets doubly hard to keep yourself fit and in shape. We do work really hard on doing that. It's important to us. We'd be selling ourselves and everyone else short if we didn't, so we do look after ourselves. It does get tougher."
As the old saying goes, better to leave too early than too late. But it will be a sad day when they leave. I have caught every tour that has come near me (and a few far away from me) since the World Slavery Tour.

I'll enjoy it while it lasts and see as many shows as possible, obviously the music itself will be around forever.
Uh, I just streamed it from that website, there's a play button. Now that I see it can be downloaded, it might need to be removed because of piracy. Mods?
Once again, i am not saying this is a new maiden song but it sounds VERY VERY much like Bruce Dickinson. Also all riffs, play style etc is very "maidenish".

Oh i posted this link as i found it, it was only up on internet for few minutes. I know it hasn't been up for long, in that case i would have seen it long before..
Higher notes definitely sound like Bruce, and that's much harder to pull off than the music, which while definitely Maidenish can be easily mimicked.
It's Bruce, no question. However I don't think it's a song from the new Maiden album. A song from a new Bruce Dickinson album, maybe?
I don't think it's Maiden. At minimum, I don't think that's Nicko and Steve on drums and bass. The style is Maiden, but I've heard Maiden this good from bands like Nomad Soul too.

I'm not even sure it's Bruce. The pronunciation sounds off on many words. If it is Bruce, it may be an unreleased solo demo.
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