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I agree with Steve about 'The X-Factor', but not 'Virtual XI'.

VXI is a very underrated album that deserves more love. I like it more than TXF. Both albums are really great and Steve is right (Blaze also has said that) that the fans started to appreciate them a lot more now, than back in the 90's.


Out of the Silent Planet
Imagine that, Steve Harris not moderating his opinion about his own music. He probably thinks those albums are brilliantly produced, too...

Steve knows best. As for me, VXI is a brilliantly produced album ! TXF - not so good (Dave's solo in ''Fortunes Of War'' is meh and the drums are blank).
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To say that VXI is brilliantly produced is... nuts. To say you like it is a different matter. TXF is one of my favorite albums production wise because I think it gives it a bigger sound, but to say that there’s genius involved is stretching it. It’s good by accident, not intention.


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Steve with his blue ''spider web'' bass... :blush: I like it very much. He still uses it, now and then (I think). His old blue bass from the 80's is also cool, but this one is just wow.

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Steve with his blue ''spider'' bass... :blush: I like it very much. He still uses it, now and then (I think). His old blue bass from the 80's is also cool, but this one is just wow.

His old blue bass from the 80s is actually the white West Ham one now, with a paint job. The blue bass that looks like the 80s one is actually the fender Signature version that came out a few years back (I have it also)

This pic shows a few. The first white one (without the fender logo) is actually the blue bass used on Powerslave etc :)
The bass on the far right is the Signature version, made to look like the 80s bass.pic-3.jpg


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I was watching some maiden shows lately and I must say - I love stage presence of all guys in a band but Steve still, for me, is the essence of 'heavy metal'.



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For me Steve Harris was extremely disappointing live in terms of stage presence when I saw them, including the rest of the band bar Bruce

How so?

Maiden live is almost always
  • Bruce does his swashbuckling thing
  • Dave does his smiling/occasional fist pump thing
  • Janick does the whirling prancing dervish thing
  • Adrian does his slow swagger thing
  • Steve does his foot on the monitor/occasional across the stage gallop/occasional full shoulder head bang thing
  • Nicko is hidden due to the kit
Did they do something different when you saw them?


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They did similar things, but I feel that compared to bands such as Metallica, true live presence was not there. When I saw Maiden, Steve was machine gunning and all that, but he didn't move that much and also, as what striked me most, never looked a single person in the eye. When I saw Metallica on the other hand, 10 minutes were set aside to stop the show and ask the audience personal questions, singling people out etc

Now, I cannot deny that Iron Maiden put on an extremely entertaining show, and that if I had a band I'd draw a lot on them, but to me it seems like every other band draws their stage presence from the raw flow of the show, whereas Iron Maiden are reading from the same script every night, and I get that feel right back to the early days. Sure, it's a great show on the surface, but I've never felt raw untapped power behind a Maiden show, and that for me feels disappointing