Sign of the Cross

How good is Sign of the Cross on a scale of 1-10?

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Re: Daily Song: Sign of the Cross

Truly one of Maiden's best songs! Blaze's vocals are strong and powerful and a sweet instrumental section in the middle.10
Re: Daily Song: Sign of the Cross

The new beginning for Maiden. Everything everyone had said and then some. I just desperately wish the guitars were given more distortion on the studio version. Nice snare from Nico.

Maximum points - 10 
Re: Daily Song: Sign of the Cross

A very good song that translated will live as well (with either Bruce or Blaze .. though I prefer Bruce on this).  It also, thankfully, marked the end of whatever they were trying to do on NPFTD and to a slightly lesser extent FOD and got Maiden back into more serious songwriting.

I give it a 9
Re: Daily Song: Sign of the Cross

10.  I don't believe I've ever skipped this track, and I can't say that even for Hallowed or Paschendale.  That doesn't necessarily mean that I think SOTC is a better song, but I've never managed to overplay it.  For the reasoning for my grade, see: Loosey, Mega, Jonszat, and Perun.
Re: Daily Song: Sign of the Cross

The reasons why this song deserves a 10 are already mentioned in this thread. This is also one of the songs that I tell Blaze haters to listen to in order to see how good the Blaze era of Maiden actually was (the majority of them actually like this song).
A monumental treasure of a song, from the gregorian chanting to the driving riffs behind excellent verses, to the powerful chorus and brilliant instrumental and solos section. It has it all: 10/10
7 out of 10...  Good guitar work but the vocal brings my rating down. Blaze isn't a bad singer, but I've never been much of a fan of his stylings...
10/10 My favorite maiden song. The rock in rio version gets a 1000000/10
10/10, without a doubt. This song is just so awesome. After the very disappointing NPFTD & FOTD albums with not so awesome openers TXF's Sign of the Cross restored my faith in awesome Maiden openers. Rock in Rio version gets a 11/10.
10/10, Like the intro, like the monks chanting they enhance the whole feel of it, great job by BB on vocals, another excellent opener.
Oh man what a song. I like Blaze's performance in the song, it has great vocal melodies and Blaze sings them very well. The song is another example of Steve Harris' genius. Great, dark but energic intro tells you what's going on and what you should expect from the song. The rising part which starts at the beginning of the third minute is amazing. It's a nice bridge that connect the energic parts of the song with the dark, amazing melodies. The first slow solo is really great. It has the dark atmosphere of the album. Fast solos, fantastic genius melodies come after it. All I can say is masterpiece. 10/10.
I like RIR version the most, not because of the vocals (well they ARE better), but because that version is faster. Solo that starts at 9:15 is my all-time favorite Maiden solo. Magnificent. 10/10.
Top 3 would be so awesome.

3: Sign Of The Cross
2: Isle Of Avalon
1: Paschendale
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Amazing, perfect, and masterpiece are a few words I use to describe this song. I don't care what the haters think, but this is an amazing performance by Blaze. The chorus gives me chills every time. Amazing instrumental section in this song and the solos are great. I can't describe the way this song makes me feel. The Rock in Rio live version is awesome too. 10. What A Song!  :edmetal:
This is the song were Dave and Janick built up so much chemistry playing those epic leads together. This song really paved the way for something more; 9/10.