Short-answer questions


Ancient Mariner
If you have a question about IM that can be answered quickly, shortly and doesn't suffice for a whole topic (meaning it will not create much discussion), feel free to post it here.

I'll start: when the band plays Heaven Can Wait live, those who join them on stage and sing along the "oooh-oooh-oooh" are members of IMFC, FTTB or just random guys who were closest to the stage?
On the last time it was played I think it was people from IMFC who applied for it, similar to how people apply for first to the barrier.

On previous tours, it was generally people who were backstage, roadies, support bands (e.g. on Donington 92 you can see Tom Araya among others), mates, family etc.
Another one: what does Bruce say exactly at the beginning of Children Of The Damned in TBOS: Live Chapter?
Michael Kenney perhaps? You know that guy whom Maiden never *really* acknowledged as a member of the band eventhough he's been with them on keyboards since No Prayer...

But I don't know, I'm just guessing :)
It would probably be better to get a french speaker to translate as I have only school level french and it's 20 years since I was in school but the gist of it is something about a platinum album in Canada which I think may be the end of an unrelated sentence, then something about next there'll be an ancient song, and then for you, you are children of the damned.
This is the part I understand; I meant the words he says from the beginning of the track until the part you mentioned.
No wonder it is difficult to understand (even for a native speaker like myself): the first word of the sentence is missing! ;) (if you compare your CD -or is it just mine?- and the original below)
" Merci pour l'album d'or et *platinum [he shoud say "de platine"] au Canada... et *pour le moment ["maintenant" would fit better in the context] une chanson un peu ancienne... pour vous, vous êtes... vous êtes 'Children of the Damned'"
Here’s a lazy one. How many orchestral musicians (and different instruments) were used in recording “Empire of the Clouds”?
Yes of course. But what Sixes probably meant was that he played on No Prayer, and I wasn't sure about SSoaSS.