Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


Have a good time, all the time!
Take him to the doctor. If Status Quo cannot keep someone’s feet tapping all the time that person might be suffering from some serious underlying condition.
they actually got banned from BBC Radio 1 because "nobody over 65 listens to Status Quo" or something like that :facepalm:


Abysmal display of mental decay
Is that a serious question or some attempt at being funny? You hear Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster singing on that clip.
I think he’s commenting on the physical appearance of the singer in the still frame of the video embed.


Out of the Silent Planet
I tried to come up with a story that spreads through all the songs in the album:

1- the people must protect the wall from the invaders (Senjutsu).
2- they need to come up with a good strategy quickly, because the war has already begun (Stratego).
3- the end is inevitable (The Writing On The Wall).
4- their world seems to be lost and they started to feel like they are lost too (Lost In A Lost World).
5- their future is long gone (Days Of Future Past).
6- they wished they had a time machine to turn back time, thus they would have been more prepared for their fateful battle (The Time Machine).
7- the darkest hour has occurred for them (Darkest Hour).
8- they asked for help from other tribes, but even the Celts were not enough to repel the threat (Death Of The Celts).
9- they read some tactics written in the parchment from the history of their ancestors, but it was too late (The Parchment).
10- perhaps all hope is lost, hell is on earth, but they will not surrender. Could it all be just a dream or their world is conquered from within... (Hell On Earth).


Free Man
You forgot to mention "Alexander The Great". ;)

I didn’t! By not mentioning such a titan I winked to people in the know, plus I gave to my post more depth.
Originally I was to let Empire out as well, but I decided not to, as I sensed our fellow Maidenfan could have discovered Maiden recently.