Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


Ancient Mariner
The Death of King Arthur
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How about this one to make the best possible use of the lenticular covers?



Educated Fool
Hear, hear.

However, on this album, I'd say that the last 3 tracks are epics with extended sections. And Hell On Earth is a pure epic.
It actually doesn't feel like an epic to me. It's extremely emotional and there's quite a lot happening there, but I usually classify songs as epics for their storytelling and/or theatricality and that's not Hell on Earth IMHO. And by no means it's a bad thing, not at all. An epic can still be mediocre and a non-epic track can be a monumental achievement. Hell on Earth is a masterpiece, that's for sure.

A good melody or chorus can feel "epic", I say that about things casually too, but if we're talking about the true meaning of the word, then The Parchment has to be the most epic track on the record. DotC is more of an epic than HoE, but it's a much worse track, no contest. The title track is pretty epic too.
Loving the positivity around here... Seems they've managed to please the majority of people, myself included.

Has anyone seen the Making Of video yet? Good watch?


4 days in..I was only itching to pan this album to bits and call it Shitzu. Book of souls was a complete flop for me..a truly awful album...Senjutsu is an absolute masterpiece