Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


I guess, but I've never once thought "man I wish my first listening experience was at a higher bitrate". It's more about the lasting effect of the songs for me (and yes I preordered already)
Have a listen to Stratego on Spotify at 160kbps (High Quality) and tell me if you'd want to hear the whole album sound that terrible the first time :p


Have a good time, all the time!
honestly though if you haven't heard the album yet and are thinking about it i would say don't because i know these next few days waiting to discuss it with everyone is going to be harder than if i hadn't listened to it... twice..


Out of the Silent Planet
I was thinking, Adrian finally wrote a ballad (''Darkest Hour'') - his other attempt was in 1988, but the song was transformed into CIPWM.


Have a good time, all the time!
He said they decided way back in TBOS that they will gonna do another record and that they always make plans by years.

I do wonder how Covid changed those plans, the new album is almost 2 years old at this point, so if we get another album will it be a shorter time frame between releases or will they give themselves those extra 2 years