Russia invades Ukraine

So if we say X country's government are stupid it's considered a slur /bigoted language? Or there is something else in this phrase? I'm not familiar with that movie.
It's the use of the specific word, which in modern English vernacular, is used primarily to insult people who aren't of normal mental capacities.
It's the use of the specific word, which in modern English vernacular, is used primarily to insult people who aren't of normal mental capacities.
I used this word in the context of the movie. Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey Jr.) is explaining to Tugg Speedsman (Ben Stiller) why you should not go full retard when taking a film role. Imo, Germany's nowadays actions are very questionable. I put Germany into Tugg's shoes. That's all.
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I don't care if you're quoting a movie. That's a weasel way to try to get bigoted terms into the conversation. There's plenty of other ways to say what you're trying to say. I'm even giving you leeway because you're not a native English speaker. If I see that word used again, there'll be warn points issued.
My post was a two in one: a joke and opinion. Maybe harsh, but it's only a joke. If you don't like it, fine.
I feel like I am standing in front of the censors meeting, that existed in Lithuania during the Soviet years. Huh.
I was not intending to harm disabled people. But you know, there's a saying that you can joke about everything. Context is important.
I will not use this word anymore, because not funny joke has been already said.
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I know you weren't intending to harm anyone. I am just letting you know that there's "jokes"that, according to our policies, aren't welcome. Like I said, you can find other ways to express what you meant without using terms that do cause harm.
It sounds like the Americans are going to send M1 Abrams as well. We're moving to a new phase of this conflict, for sure. Still, I think now is the time. Russia is putting a rock in their fist.


"German Chancellor Olaf Scholz formally announced Wednesday that after weeks of stalling and frustrating negotiations Berlin has agreed to send two battalions of Leopard 2 A6 tanks to Ukraine.

In a statement the government said it would initially send one company of 14 tanks to Kyiv, though its aim is to send up to 88 tanks from its own stockpiles."
I'm not sure this is the best possible number, context considered.
Yay, Iran got spanked last night. I don't believe USA is not involved. This is a sign for russia.
In a few weeks I will appeal* to Germany regarding Jets. Get ready. :D

*will whine/curse
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Interesting read, though it's now been broadly disputed. Despite Hersh being a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist in his heyday, he's had a troubling series of claims about people other than Assad being responsible for chemical weapon attacks in Syria throughout the 2010s that have also been broadly disputed, so take it with a shaker of salt.

FWIW, these were Malcolm Nance's responses to the article:
Strong move by Joseph Biden. The West stands with Ukraine. Evil will fail.
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Utterly pathetic speech by putin today. And what a great speech by mister Biden. By the way, he certainly listened Maiden's The Clansman on the train to Poland. :)
Freedom, he said. FREEDOM!

One year since the criminal invasion.