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'tHas been a while since I saw this song performed.

Here Transylvania. Perhaps the only version on which Paul joins the band on stage(?) He doesn't really "perform" but sure attracts attention with a few whoo hoos at the end and his smoking behaviour.


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Recorded 10 days ago: Paul doing a very fast version of Wrathchild:
Comment uploader: Afterwards he talks about the new Killers album and touring it after his "Retirement From Solo Career Tour". So this means he will continue touring despite all his talking about retiring...


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I've promoted this various times over the years and now finally someone uploaded the whole album:

Killers - Murder One (1992)
This is really by far Di'Anno's best effort, outside Maiden (or even if you count his work with Maiden). Back in those days he worked with a good band, called Killers, and Murder One is full of quality songs with nice guitar work. A bit of Judas Priest kind of metal (still different), really good!
If you're into dual guitar attack guitar metal with good songwriting (and vocals!) then this is highly recommended.
Every selfrespecting metalhead should own this.... or at least take a listen. Check it out and enjoy! (don't be put off by track 3 if you dislike it; very different from the rest of the album)
A short description per song of this diverse record, my fav 7 in bold:
1 Impaler (Painkiller style speed metal with ferocious riffs and superb harmony; starts off with scream from Frenzy -> Hitchcock film from 1972)
2 The Beast Arises (fist pumping headbanger a la Some Heads are Gonna role or Grinder)
3 Children Of The Revolution (not that exciting T-Rex cover)
4 S&M (not one of the best songs, but it's not bad and brings variety- with special role for drums)
5 Takin' No Prisoners (melancholic eighties style hard rock song with great melodies, tense build-up before solo)
6 Marshall Lockjaw (Painkiller style speed metal, again excellent riffs and just a strong tune overall)
7 Protector (love the stimulating rhythm, suspenseful couplets)
8 Dream Keeper (haunting ballad)
9 Awakening (remarkable instrumental part)
10 Remember Tomorrow (not the greatest cover, like there's something wrong with the tempo)
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No, no, no......



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we can all jump in line to buy this

Former IRON MAIDEN singer Paul Di'Anno's April 9 performance at Lizard Club in Krakow, Poland as as part of the Doładowanie festival will be professionally filmed for an upcoming DVD, to be released through Metal Mind Productions. The festival is an annual non-profit initiative of young Polish musicians and consists of five concerts in five Polish cities: Warsaw, Krosno, Krakow, Wroclaw and Lodz.


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That is a clusterfuck mix job if I ever heard one. So utterly reverberant, and the low end is jumping up and down.

And the positioning of the audience mikes aren't very good if you insisnt on having them ultra fucking high up in the mix all the time.