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18? That's quite a high age limit. Would they let you in if you were with someone older?
No, they've had problems recently and that's why they aren't letting anyone in under 18... Last year went to that same place to see Paul and I could pass freely :/


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Paul is advertised as an "Iron Maiden star". He's been out of the band for 31 years, ffs!


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Interestingly, I've seen posters advertising Paul's gig tomorrow here. They have a huge Iron Maiden logo and Eddie from the debut album cover. ::)


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Together with Craig Goldy. Usually most stuff that guy touches turns to gold. I wonder how this will sound. Probably funny.


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That's the dumbest thing I've read all day.


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I was expecting that to sound like total shit ... it is (from the sample) a bit better than I expected.


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So this exists:

It's actually one of the better songs that I've heard. As with most "tribute" albums, the majority of songs are garbage.


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That Beat It Cover is a catastrophe! I didn't hear Ripper on it though.
I wasn't referring to the Beat it cover off of the Michael Jackson tribute cd, but this one:

Edit: I did just check out the tribute album out, just now. And yes, catastrophe is the word.
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Cool news! Cheers.

Wow! Can't state enough that Murder One by Killers is one of the best metal albums I own. Surely belongs to the top of releases by Maiden-solo/related members. Not sure if I'll get that box, that will depend on the (amount of) extra tracks.

Follow-up album Menace to Society was of an entirely different style, so I am curious in which way this band will be heading.