Other football codes

I personally find it hit and miss as a spectacle these days. Back in early/mid 2000s it was not to be missed. Punch ups galore.
One thing that always puzzled me was Irelands lack of ability/desire to use the rugby style Aussie Rules tackle. The coaches really miss the trick with that one.
I made it to the 3rd round of trails for the U17 version back in the day, one step before the final trial and selection. And we played Gaelic the whole time. No Compromise Rules. Go figure.
Only saw the second game but what a game it was, despite the result.
Never seen any at all. Apparently Ireland were good overall but the Aussie fitness stood to them towards the end. Seen a video of a scrap. At last the Irish went down swingin!
Even though the wrong teams got to the Grey Cup I'm glad for the Argos. Good to see Calgary beaten again
What a fantastic game! But maybe somewhat more dramatic than necessary, I mean totally dominating the game and coming that close to losing it. :scared:
Murray's post was luckier than Sexton's for sure, and that last try, great.
Great stuff, at one point it looked like Ireland were goin to stuff them and then Wales got ball in hand again. I was seriously worried going into the last 3mins but a great bit of play/luck at the end.
Watchin Scotland England now. Great start for Scotland. If gusto during the anthems had any baring on the outcome, Scotland would be world beaters. Bag piper on the roof, a capella final verse, full audience participation. Brilliant. Maiden should cover Flower of Scotland before launching into The Clansman.