Other football codes


Pica Serdica
Can't help noticing some football codes are not really represented here

- Gaelic football [Ciarraí Abú]

- CFL [=S= ( although Mike Reilly rules, and Chris Jones seems to be even more dangerous than Rod Smallwood)]


Oh when the Saints go marching in!
Oh when the Saints go marching in!
Oh how I want to be with St. Kilda!
When the Saints go marching in!

- Rugby union

- Rugby league [http://www.hullfc.com/club/history-stats/club-history]
Killarney was my very first experience of Ireland so I believe you'll understand my soft spot for Kerry
Even the underground train was green and gold today. Coincidence? I think not.
Well done, Kerry!
Damn. Damn. I blame the blue jerseys.
On top of it, West Ham lost too. I'm all for Newcastle but in the Rugby Premiership, not here.
At least the Roughriders won on the road.
St. Kilda have lost as well. And I couldn't see Nick Riewoldt's final game, thank you so much Eurosport.
The Dubs dicked Tyrone. As a Derry man, I am happy with this but as a GAA fan Id rather have Mayo play Tyrone cos they would stand more of a chance. All hopes for Mayo!!!!! Fuckin Yeooooooo!!!!!!!!
Ah! I thought you'd be supporting the Ulster team. And while Dublin doesn't really need yet another title indeed, I find it difficult rooting for Mayo after the bashing yesterday. Well they got their revenge for 2014 I guess, now's their chance to make up for 2015 and 2016.
There were two elderly gentlemen supporting Mayo next to me yesterday at the only pub in Sofia showing the game. Genuine Irish, so I kinda felt like a fraud. Saluted them at the end of the game, what else could I do.
Haha, I bet they appreciated that!
As a Derry man, Id would never support Tyrone! Well, except today, cos I think Mayo would have had a better chance against them than Dublin. Everybody in Ireland (except the Dubs) wants Mayo to finally get over the the line. Unlikely, but so was Rockys win over Apollo Creed
Dunno, went out for a smoke and when I came back they were leaving. Spared them a monologue on how much I love Killarney I guess.
Looks like I was very wrong about Chris Jones' efficiency. Well done!
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