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Strong first week of this year's 6 nations, Italy were unexpectedly close (with some luck, and some less errors, they might have even won this one), and the Wales vs Scotland game was worth of a Hollywood movie.
As always, #GoIreland!
What a day! Ireland vs Wales wasn't that much fun to watch compared to the next game (it had its moments though, and how about getting the bonus point in the last seconds) but Scotland vs England, oh boy. Some day to remember for van der Merwe for sure.
(And if bloody Wizard doesn't come back to the forum after this glorious day, he probably never will.)
I feel like if I've been in a time capsule... Ireland beating France 17 -38 and leading the pack?? o_O

*when I was following rugby closely Ireland hasn't won any 6 nations yet, and hadn't won any 5 nations since 1985, now they hold 5 championships including last year's.

I'm sure France will destroy Italians tonight.
I feel like if I've been in a time capsule...
Nah, you've just missed the last 20 years or so.
I'm sure France will destroy Italians tonight.
In a way, yes, somehow surviving to a 13:13 draw in a game that Italy could, and should, have won.
But when you kick in 80+, and the ball falls off the tee, and the shot clock is running down, it is acceptable to hit the post after all.
Pity all the same.
Obviously not happy with the England vs Ireland result but it was yet another fantastic Six Nations round this weekend.
Italy finally won a game (well I'd prefer it wasn't against Scotland but "it is what it is you know"; all three games were a delight to watch, and pretty close. If you only look at the final Wales vs France result you might think it was hardly a nail-biter but in fact it was for about three quarters of the time).
This is quite old, but always inspiring. The best Haka performance I've even seen. The leader is no man.
Lyrics as translated by YouTube commentator: "I may die, I may live (x2)." "But I am a powerful man,who brought the sun and caused it to shine." "A step upward, another step upward! A step upward, another... the Sun shines!"