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I mean that in the venue itself I could barely hear his growls. And it's not a mixing problem as he's clear when he does clean vocals. He isn't putting the effort in anymore.


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@Night Prowler @Saapanael @JudasMyGuide and anyone else who cares.

Thanks, not a big fan of newer Opeth but I'd like to see them live.

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Opeth is already my favorite band, but they really solidified that by being the most prominent rock act that recognized Turkey doesn't only consist of Istanbul and played in Ankara. Mikael even briefly wore a scarf of the local Ankara football team I support, that was cool.


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Why, I wanted to save this for my BWP write-up, but who knows when that happens (no Survivors as of Late and NP doesn't want one), but it's funny to think of that main "dudebro" riff that starts at 1:55 as some kind of huge, misbegotten monster stumbling through a... yes, a park... only to fall into a lake, leaving only circles on the water (from 2:48 onwards) and you kinda hope it drowned, died... but it returns (the "sick" variation on the riff from 5:14) and it comes back wrong, because something seriously effed up happened to it in the meantime. As if it really drowned, but returned anyway, swollen, putrid, decaying....

Can't shake off that image every time I hear the song :D

The Flash

Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
Heritage (left) and Sorceress (right) are inferior in quality to Pale Communion (middle), the Olsen twins (left and right) are less attractive than their sister Elizabeth (middle).

(I don't share the sentiment, btw, the Opeth part that is)

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Opeth are pleased to announce the first shows celebrating their 30th Anniversary! For now the "Evolution XXX 'By Request' Tour" sees 8 exclusive shows next year October with more show to be added in due time. You guys can vote which songs you would like to hear from the band's long career and determine the final set list.

Mike explains:
”So, we’re planning to celebrate a belated band-birthday, also known as BBB. How do we celebrate a thing like this, you ask? Well, we go to work. We are planning a very few select shows in 2021 where you basically have the collective choice of picking the songs for the setlist. Since we celebrate 30 years we would love to play a song from each album we’ve done. All 13 of them. If you can help us and pick your choice of one song per album from the list, and then we’ll simply play the songs with the most votes. It’s been done before, but not by us. I am reluctant and nervous, but also excited to see what songs you will choose. I can’t really believe we’ve been around for 30 years, but there you go. So please help us. And be gentle. The final setlist will have 13 songs. One from each album. Your call….”

- Mikael Akerfeldt on behalf of Opeth.


Can't friggin' wait. Unique opportunity to hear something from the first 4 albums, maybe one of the last opportunities ever. @Forostar