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In no order...

Devil’s Orchard
Face in the Snow
Eternal Rains
Cusp of Eternity
Moon Above...
Faith in Others
Wilde Flowers
Will o’ the Wisp
Next of Kin
All Things Will Pass


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@JudasMyGuide You! Thank you!
I've been trying to get into Opeth for some time but it's bit hit&miss scenario. (For example, I could really discern what I like and don't like in cases like Deliverance and Damnation - remastered, but in some other cases it becomes too much).
Since I don't have Spotify, I'm gonna do this lists on Deezer, but I'll definitely credit you somehow.

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I saw them live last month and the concert was great, but man... Mikael's growls were almost non-existent. I mean he was growling but you could barely hear him.

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Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
In Cauda Venenum has grown on me quite a bit. Rated it 3.5/5 or 7/10 previously, I'd comfortably say 4/5 or 8/10 now.

The songs that I like and dislike remain the same though. Love De närmast sörjande, Hjärtat vet vad handen gör, Ingen sanning är allas and Allting tar slut. Dislike Kontinuerlig drift and Charlatan. I think my appreciation for the songs that I liked has grown over time. Also a side note, the bonus track 'Cirkelns Riktning' is better than half of the album. Make sure to check it out if you haven't heard it. Should've been in there instead of Charlatan.



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What would your Softpeth best off be? I came up with this:

1. Eternal Rains Will Come
2. Cusp Of Eternity
3. The Devil's Orchard
4. Moon Above, Sun Below
5. The Lines In My Hand
6. Strange Brew
7. Voice Of Treason
8. Spring MCMLXXIV
9. Charlatan
10. Faith In Others
11. Face In The Snow
  1. Dignity
  2. Heart In Hand
  3. Charlatan
  4. The Garroter
  5. Sorceress
  6. Chrysalis
  7. Eternal Rains Will Come
  8. The Devil's Orchard
  9. I Feel The Dark
  10. Nepenthe
  11. The Lines In My Hand
  12. Folklore
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This is the main Opeth thread (ask again there!):


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A 15-year bump!

To answer your question, listen to the original first. The original is, well, how the album was intended to sound originally. Then listen to the remaster and decide which one you like more. For example, when listening to SSOASS, I can’t deny that the remaster is louder, punchier and has more low end, but more often than not I’d pick the original because of its warm, spacious and true sound. Remasters tend to lose some of the sonic qualities that make a particular (older) album unique. Sometimes I won’t even consider playing a remaster over the original, like in the case of Painkiller. Other times, the original might sound a tad weak and out-dated compared to its remastered version. It comes down to preference and your connection with the album.


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I like the remix but definitely try the original first. If you’re interested in that era of the band, you might also consider checking out the Lamentations live video, which features all of Damnation and three or four Deliverance songs.


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If you’re interested in that era of the band
I'm not too sure about that. They have a certain classical charm, but I usually only dabble in most bands.

I have heard bits and pieces of Still Life, Ghost Reveries, Damnation and Sorceress, though.

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I saw this tour... but seeing it again? Maybe if they change the setlist. It was even the same opening band.