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Ah, so, is that vid the same song twice or is it one 16min long song? After 13mins I checked the chat and started to wonder. You never know with Opeth. Either way, it was the same as most Opeth to me; some parts are great and have me in rapture and then all of a sudden, I want to turn it off and before I can hit the 'stop' button they have me again.

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Didn’t Mikael say that the Swedish version will be the ‘main’ version? Don’t remember where but I’m pretty sure he said it in an interview.
He did. Perhaps it has to do with not being used to hearing Mikael in Swedish.

Actually, it definitely has to do with that, because the acoustic parts didn't sound weird at all, which I attribute to having heard Mikael sing in Swedish in soft tunes like Var Kommer Barnen In and Dan Standiga Resan.


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This sounds like a Pale Communion song but with more metalized riffs. I love the first half and Mikael's really pushing his high register and bluesy moments. Certainly a leg up over Sorceress.

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Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
The new song has grown on me quite a bit. One of the better songs of the Newpeth era so far and I am not low on Newpeth at all.

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Dennis Wilcock did 9/11

Another very nice tune. Second half of the song is excellent. Shaping up to be a good one, this album.

This album sounds like it's going to be considerably heavier than other albums in the Newpeth era. Both songs released thus far have more teeth to them.


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I haven’t really been following this, I keep forgetting there’s even an album coming out. I suppose it’s soon enough that I can just wait for the whole album at this point. Glad to hear they’re getting heavier, the initial announcement made me think this might be the Swedish folk album Mikael said he wanted to do.


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Really like Svekets Prins (the overture sounds like a passage from Townsend's Truth).

BTW my top 10:
  1. Godhead Lament
  2. Sorceress
  3. The Lines In My Hand
  4. Serenity Painted Death
  5. Benighted
  6. Nepenthe
  7. The Drapery Falls
  8. Demon Of The Fall
  9. Bleak
  10. Eternal Rains Will Come
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Opeth NA tour confirmed in this video for Feb/March 2020, starting February 12th in Cleveland:

I don’t have Wifi yet and am running on data so I don’t want to watch the video, did they announce full dates? Crossing my fingers for Vegas!

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I don’t have Wifi yet and am running on data so I don’t want to watch the video, did they announce full dates? Crossing my fingers for Vegas!
The way this sort of thing tends to work is that the nearest show to you will be in the place you've just been but you won't be able to make it.

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I like the 2 new tracks very much, heavy, spooky and beautiful. Props to them for doing a Swedish album. Generally their recent almost jazz rock stuff is very cool.
Who produced and mixed this one? It sounds great, also the synths.

Btw. I prefer this to the new Tool right now.


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So I've been on a huge Opeth binge lately and I can finally say they are my top band (barring DT and IM, with whom I have spent too much time in the past to compare them to other bands in any way). Which is fine as the new album is just around the corner and I'm super-hyped (and pre-ordered it). Oh, also a sale on metal records here made me to physically buy every remaining album apart from Orchid and MAYH.

Anyway, since I'm in the mood and the autumn is just around the corner (and the new album as well), I've been toying with the idea of commented discography. Since I missed out on most of the 2016 Survivor, I'd really like to express m'self, you know?

Oh and by the way, since the discussions and comments on various songs got so long-winded and they were scattered across this thred and various pages of the 2016 Survivor thread (thus making it rather hard to play something and read all the comments), I've been putting together a Word document with everything Opeth-related here, mostly sorted by the singular songs. I'm almost finished and so far it's 156 pages long :facepalm: :D I shall put it here also when I'm finished.


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So, I finally finished the "MaidenFans on Opeth" project I mentioned in the previous post. So in case you wanted to re-listen to their discography (it’s September already!) and have comments regarding particular song or album ready at hand, you might use this. Yep, it’s 170 pages/88 067 words long and Word says I've been working on it for 992 minutes - that's 16 1/2 hours (I began on August 13th). I feel so fucking nerdy :D
EDIT: Okay, you can't upload Word docs, so I converted it into a PDF. If anyone wanted the original docx file feel free to write me a PM.

First there is some general discussion on the "autumness" of Opeth, seasons and music etc. Not that much related, but I wanted it there. Then there’s general Opeth discussion and various thoughts on the band in general, then the main section – the "commented discography" of sorts, organised according to the albums, first general album comments and then comments for every song, in rough chronological order (so you might even see the development of certain opinions, possibly?). Even live albums are included. In the end you get some more various thoughts on the bands, lists of top 5 songs etc. Oh, and concert reviews.

I wanted to keep everything substantial (and also a lot of stuff that isn’t), so I don’t think anything important is missing. When in doubt, I put it there. I also kept the initial reactions, anticipations etc. for PC, Sorc and ICV.

I’ve already spent way too much time on this, so please excuse any mistakes (for there are bound to be many), especially from the chronological point of view; I really have neither the time nor the energy to revisit all the threads again an correct it.

Also, thank you, @Mosh , @The Flash , @Detective Beauregard , @MrKnickerbocker , @Night Prowler , @Forostar , you were undoubtedly the most fruitful contributors. However, also thanks to @Brigantium , @Collin and everyone else who contributed to a lesser extent.

Oh, and I created these four progressively hardening playlists, each in a single CD length for a friend who was interested in the band I keep babbling about (BTW she is a perfect stranger to metal, so it makes sense to... well, dip in the pool slowly). I think she hasn’t managed to play it yet, but you might try it for convincing newbies/outsiders :D So I’ll just drop this here:

Playlist 1 – Autumnal Park (The Soft Side of Opeth)
Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0KBl26IQGsmDVl4XtdNp1u?si=QLk79-fqRfSbyifRQ260VQ

1. Windowpane
2. Atonement
3. In My Time of Need
4. Benighted
5. Death Whispered a Lullaby
6. Harvest
7. Will o the Wisp
8. A Fleeting Glance
9. Hope Leaves
10. Burden
11. Sorceress 2
12. Hours of Wealth
13. Folklore
14. Weakness

Playlist 2 – Gloomy Moor (The Middle Side of Opeth)
Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2nvUOiMuBxRSbHhoUFObiw?si=SaD5z8t2SLiCt01dHGSE5w

1. Face of Melinda
2. Cusp of Eternity
3. The Wilde Flowers
4. A Fair Judgement
5. Moon Above, Sun Below
6. Strange Brew
7. Porcelain Heart
8.-9. Era / Persephone (Slight Return)
10. The Drapery Falls

Playlist 3 – Derelict Mansion (The Heavy Side of Opeth)
Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2fSf9rP9IoGh9WTRWGCU5h?si=VPrP_wajTfehM1GzSyDETA

1. Ghost of Perdition
2. Deliverance
3. Bleak
4. The Baying of the Hounds
5. The Moor
6. Reverie/Harlequin Forest
7. White Cluster

Playlist 4 – Midnight Cemetery (The Extreme Side of Opeth)
Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0ou7R2CTTb8omYAglVOPji?si=6WqrWB0pTN2FMS6_YmQ_1w
1. Godhead’s Lament
2. Master’s Apprentices
3. Demon of the Fall
4. Wreath
5. Heir Apparent
6. The Leper Affinity
7. Serenity Painted Death
8. Blackwater Park

The fourth is more or less a “bonus“ – it’s the “evil“ tracks put together. If I were to make only three playlists, I would swapped White Cluster with Blackwater Park in the third one.

I realise very well that the first three albums are criminally underrepresented … however I believe that they would not be all that helpful in converting a non-metal person and the songs take a bit too much time in the 80 min playlist with not as much immediate payoff, IMHO (I mean, Forest of October and Deliverance are probably both still in my Top 5, but – considering they are almost the same length – I put only the latter in the playlists. Sorry if it offends you.)

Anyway, maybe this all is much too silly, but what’s the harm, right?