Only the Good Die Young

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Black Bart

Ancient Mariner
Not if it was the final song in the concert.
Well, in this case, it would function...theoretically: I can't imagine any IM concert finishing with something else than "Iron Maiden" (main set) or a "classic" (encores). However, if there ever is a "final" IM concert -promoted as such-, this could be a solution to end it, with a touch of humour (given the age of the protagonists). ;)


Educated Fool
The title of the song is an English expression which has its roots
in the Latin expression: "Quem di diligunt, adolescens moritur" ("The one who
gods love, he dies young "). The phrase "Walking on water" is one
reference to the New Testament, where Christ appears to be walking on
surface of the sea to reach the boat of his disciples (Matthew
14: 22-23, Mark 6: 45-52, John 6: 15-21).
The red moon (like blood) and the
black sun (like a mourning garment) is
images found both in
Old Testament (Prophets, Joel, 3: 4)
as well as in the New Testament (Revelation
The young man, in a fit of rage before
suicide, spits out their hypocrisy
people and predicts the coming day of the crisis. It seems, however,
to hope in his transmigration. The bitter contempt of everything is the
last taste of life that insulting leaves, having, as
fulfill Satan's prediction in "Moonchild" and his
prophet in "Can I Play With Madness", that he will end up in the "eternal night",
in "lake of fire", in Hell.
The symbol that accompanies the lyrics in its insert
album has alchemical roots. Among the elements that fascinated
the Alchemists more, in addition to gold, silver, him
mercury and arsenic, were sulfur and phosphorus. The uncle
in Alchemy is depicted with a symbol consisting of
from the right isosceles triangle (symbolizing fire) and one
cross with a south arrow attached to the vertical line (symbolizing
incineration). Sulfur, for the Alchemists, was associated with
Hell and the Underworld, hence the southern arrow. The horizontal line
was added to form the point of the cross, which the Alchemists
they were trying to incorporate into many of their symbols.