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I really hope that he breaks Gretzky's record.
Very strong possibility. He still has a chance to catch Gartner this season. He has to stay healthy. Even Gretzky wasn't the same after his back injury. Also see Mike Bossy, Lemieux and a lesser extent Crosby. I say that because if healthy I could see him get 600 goals, but with his injuries he hasn't even hit 500


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He only needs 10 goals to catch Gartner, I think he does it. Ovi is driven by the headlines, you can tell he's fired up by the idea of passing legends.


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So after Ovi scored a hat trick in a 5 minute span or so, I have been watching the Caps games to see him score 700. Oh man, first they get SPANKED by Philly 7-2, no goals from Ovi and then the Islanders hand them a 5-3 loss again with no goals from Ovi. I wonder if the milestone is weighing on the entire team. Gonna keep watching though, I want to witness history!


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I've been so focused on Ovi's quest (watching the game tonight) I've neglected my own Bruins and our own scoring wonder Pastrnak. Last night he scored a hat trick to regain the scoring lead. Marchand had a GREAT play in getting him the puck in one of his three goals. He hits 40 for the first time in his career. He would have done it last season had it not been for his injury. So many players getting derailed do to all sorts of injuries and surgeries, kinda scary.


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This looks interesting. I saw him play when he was in the PHL in the laste 70s .. obviously he was well past his prime, but cool to have seen him play in person.

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