Official Hockey discussion thread


Ancient Mariner
The Hawks have another 2 years in cap hell that will prevent them from doing much, but if they take a long view, they can accelerate a rebuild at the trade deadline. They have a few players of value on expiring contracts( Crawford and Gustaffson), I think they should also consider trading Saad (and maybe Keith if he waives his no movement)if the price is right, and they have cap space for the rest of this season (due to LTIR) that they should try to take advantage of and take on bad expiring contracts to free up trades for other teams with assets attached to those contracts (players or picks). They have some younger guys in the NHL too soon, but they are holding their own and getting some good experience.

It is a shame to waste some great play by Kane this year (and probably next), but they really need to be targeting the 2022-23 season at which point hopefully the younger players will be a good new core and they have cap room to fill in around them.


Infinite Dreamer
It is insane to me just how good Kane has gotten in recent seasons. He's doing better than during their cup years. I wonder if it has to do with the lack of support. I mean you look at Sakic, Yzerman, Modano, etc. and they've mentioned in countless interviews how they went from chasing the goals and points when they were younger and had to learn a team oriented 200 foot game to finally win it all. And here is Kane putting up 100 point seasons when the rest of his team is just... a mess.

I'm more curious as to what the Canadian teams are going to do. Is EDM going to get a top 6 forward or a defenseman? Is Toronto set or are they going to go for a back up goalie? What the hell is going on in MTL and how much is Carey Price's contract holding them back? Also, what will Buffalo do? New Jersey? They already fired their coach and just yesterday fired their GM. Not gonna lie, Shero's firing made me laugh, because it seems like only yesterday he got canned from Pittsburgh.

I'm still nervous about Boston. They're getting more contributions outside of Pastrnak, Marchand and Bergeron, but I still don't think it's enough for another deep run. Especially with how other teams in the East are performing. Pittsburgh scares me. This is a team that should have died earlier in the season from their injuries alone, but their depth has proven beyond serviceable. It is going to be an interesting run to the end of the season.